Monday, October 4, 2010

Creativity Can Be Developed If You Follow These Steps

By Raman Kuppuswamy

Many people lament that they are not creative. This worry is not necessary any more. Psychologists have come out with simple solutions that can be implemented to develop your creativity. But, without our knowledge, we adopt creative and innovative solutions in our daily lives. By following one or more of these tips, you can become creative and solve your problems in an innovative way.

The first advice given by experts is that you should first make up your mind to become creative. It can not be achieved overnight. There may be several obstacles. You should not pull out whenever you face such hurdles.

If you want to use your creativity in a particular field, you should develop a good knowledge in the field. Even if you find that the field is a boring one, you may not be able to be creative in it. But, you should understand that if you delve deep into the subject, you may find that it contains many interesting things. This is applicable to any topic or field. Hence, developing good knowledge in the chosen field is the foremost step for developing and adopting creativity to the field.

Another point is that you should be curious to know more and more about the subject. Only if you are curious, you will know many things and this induces creativity.

You should develop confidence in yourself. This confidence will give you the required boldness to take risks in a judicious manner. By taking such risks, you can know if your creativity works or not. As success begets success, once you taste success in one creative pursuit, you will be motivated to take more such creative steps.

You should practice creativity. Experts suggest that by learning a new language or solving a mathematical problem or by playing games like Puzzles, Sudoku and so on, you activate the right hemisphere of your brain. This will help you in developing your creativity.

Lastly, the most important step is to shed your negativity. As long as you have negative attitudes, you will not be able to be creative. If you stay positive, your attempts to develop your creative skills will bear fruits. You should not get unduly worried about criticisms because these criticisms may lead to negative thoughts. You may start doubting your own skills. Hence, you should brush aside all the criticisms and have only positive thoughts.

You can adopt these simple steps and very soon, you will be able to find yourself creating innovative solutions for all the situations of your life.