Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why You Need To Start Setting Goals Today

By Adrian Hargray


It's important that you set goals because they can be the stepping stone to what you want to accomplish in life. Usually those that set goals have more success than those that don't, so if you want to be in the "in crowd", you will want to start setting goals today. The bottom line is that goal setting plays a pivotal role in seeing your dreams come to light. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do - you too can see your dreams come true, all it takes is a little patience and it will work well for you.

If you currently have a career, you should envision yourself doing better than what you're doing now. Even if you're now in a top position, you should envision doing better so that you can be successful in all areas of your life. One way to do help to see your dreams come true is by setting goals. If you ask any successful person how they became successful, they will tell you that it happened by them setting goals.

Goals are important because they give you direction in life. Without goals, you don't have a roadmap to follow and you're randomly going about things without a clearly defined path. Having a direction in life is important because you don't want to live somebody else's dream - you want to live your own. If you want to see your passions come to fruition, you will want to set goals.

Goals also help to motivate you. If you write out your goals on a sheet of paper and analyze them each day, you will see that you become more motivated as time passes because of the progress that you've achieved. Charting your progress is important because it's good to know how far you come and where you're going also.

You also need to set goals to save time. When you randomly go about things, you waste time because you're not going about them in an organized fashion. If you had things lined up step by step, you would find that you're efforts become much easier due to the way that you went about achieving your goals.

Setting goals also help to reduce stress. When you're busy and have a lot of things to do, by having things laid out in a clear and concise manner, you achieve more and can get through your day faster simply because you went about things in an organized fashion. Imagine going through your busy day without a plan. You would be so disorganized that you would hardly get anything done.

Having a clear set of goals also helps to bring on a sense of accomplishment. When you accomplish your goals in life, it helps to improve your confidence level - and confidence is key. One way to bring on this sense of accomplishment is to set easy goals that you really want now in your life. One example of this may be to take a brisk job for 10 minutes around your home. Or it can even be as simple as making up your bed when you wake up in the morning. Both of these things can help to improve your confidence and improve the level of success that you attain in life.

If you want to have success, then you must set goals. Goal setting is not important only in the long term, but in the short term also.