Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Common Pitfalls of Cold Calling

By Lawrence Tam

Have you ever wondered how some businesses are able to grow so quickly? Some secrets can really help you to grow your business and increase phone sales while still avoiding having to make the annoying calls yourself. In addition, you will not have to hire someone to do this but rather employee the services of MyPhoneRoom.

MyPhoneRoom is a great opportunity for any business whether small or large. There are many ways that this company will help you. One of these is that they will make all of the phone calls for you. Another is that they will take care of finding prospects and leads and you will not have to make the phone calls or try to figure out who should be called.

A common rookie mistake is to be the cashier, janitor, manager, parking attendant, and sales manager. Once you realize your in a business to make money versus speaking with under qualified prospects then you understand that being efficient is key. Learn to leverage call centers to screen cold calls and warm them up to qualified prospects.

My Phone Room is a way to be able to take your business and have a call center to generate the business for you. Since you will have someone to do all of the phone calls for you there is the ability to avoid ever having to pick up the phone for yourself. In addition, the business will be done while you can feel well rested, easy and relaxed without ever having to worry about anything. Other areas of the business will finally get the time that they deserve.

Having someone else to make the calls for you is a huge advantage for a number of reasons and My Phone Room is popular because of it. In addition to making, the calls there are special trainings and lots of information given to the people who make them and do the sales of them. In addition, with the all of the trainings and special tools there is a chance that it will be done well. Therefore, you can always find someone to make the calls for you rather than you having to do them for yourself.