Friday, September 17, 2010

The Best Way to Find Your First Customers

By Adam Snyder

The best way to find customers isn't spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing, it is simply spreading the word of your new business to friends and family and have them be your first customers. The great thing about doing this is that you can prove yourself and that way your friends and family have more to say if people ask them if you have something good or not other than just going off a whim.

The reason using your friends and family has your first customers works so well is that they will actually show up and give you an honest opinion because they want to help you the best they can. The only thing I warn you about is not to give free services and don't give a really big discount because that is what most family and friends expect, but you do this then they really aren't customers, because they didn't actually spend anything or very little.

Another great way to find your first customers if you have a service business such as cleaning or yard service businesses are to offer half price services to the first so many customers because once you get peoples phone numbers or addresses you can market to them as much as you want to. Just think if you offer a half price service for a few weeks then you will get a lot more calls and prospects just because you are cheaper. Some things to remember are to not make this a regular thing because people will often times wait until they see your half price service instead of using your service full time, which can make you lose a lot of money. Just know that finding customers and clients is not as hard as most people make it seem, people like free things so give stuff away and you will soon be making money quickly.