Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Business Teamwork for Creativity

By Tony Jacowski

Business teamwork requires a mixture of people who have different skills to work together. If everyone has the exact same skill on a team, the team won't go too far because they will all come up with the same ideas to fix something. The best team has a mixture of every personality and creative side to think of various ways to come up with solutions to fix things.

An imagination is very important in business teamwork. Some people are logical about everything and have absolutely no imagination. It might surprise you that some of the most successful people are those that have the biggest imagination. Always add a person with a big imagination to a team so they can give their input.

An inventive person works well with a person with an imagination. When considering business teamwork, make sure you put an inventive person with an imaginative counterpart. This is because if it can be imagined, it can be created by the inventive person. Someone always had an idea before the things around you that you use everyday without thinking about them were created.

Business teamwork also requires a problem solver. Problem-solving is a creative skill that is very important. A problem solver can help a team when they are in a bind. A problem solver can come up with resources when a business is out of funding to buy more. He or she can find ways to use the current resources within a company. They can think of ways to handle and deal with problems in a creative way. A problem solver is a good asset for business teamwork.

A brainstorming person is another part of business teamwork that is sometimes disregarded. Some people think brainstorming is silly because people come up with ridiculous ideas while sitting around wasting valuable time. A good brainstormer is not only creative but they can think of ideas quickly and keep the team one step ahead of the game by inspiring others.

A person with the ability to make connections is another creative piece of business teamwork that allows the team to bring ideas together. Some people in the team may have completely different ideas. A person with the ability to make connections can take those ideas and help bring them into one product. The iPhone was created with two ideas; a cell phone and a computer. Bringing ideas together is a big asset to business teamwork.