Saturday, September 4, 2010

What Is High Reach Marketing?

By Carmen Roddelam

We all have heard the word Marketing frequently enough, and Marketing is nothing but to create and use an effective methodology to bring a product or a service to a targeted market, the target market is the one that it is interested in your product or service.

It true that we all want to reach to the maximum amount of people, with the maximum amount of products and services and then be able to achieve the life quality that we want. In other words we want our business marketing campaigns to have a High Reach and repercussion.

It sounds pretty simple isn't it? However, How many of us have taken a training or several curses, investing precious hours of study, money, we had apply this or that technique that we learned, with all the enthusiasm that we feel when we start a new project., and in some cases, probably is not your case, but in some, we don't get the results that we were sure this strategies will bring us. And then we think, I got ripped off, this internet business is just hype, or I am just not good at this... or, the market is saturated already...or this guy was lucky because he was the first one... So I better find a job, where I have a safe income and I just stop trying these fantasies in my mind that they are never going to happen. And we just give up, deposit all our dreams and goals in our disappointment box and forget about it.

What a marketing training will never show us is the most important and basic ingredient for your Marketing to be effective and High Reaching, this, my friend, nobody is going to teach you, not because trainers are unprofessional or misleading your success, but because this basic ingredient you in a Marketing training indispensable for your success it is not teachable, it is up to you to discover and develop it, and it is nowhere else that inside yourself.

You are the only one that has access to this valuable information, it is under your own reach and the best of all is that it is FREE! well, it might be almost, since sometimes to open your mind and heart to search what it is inside and believe that this map of your life is the basic principle of every successful person, it could be more costly and difficult than to open your wallet and pull the credit card to pay that wonderful training that is going to change your life magically.

And what is this thing that is inside of you, that important and basic for your success?

I am talking about your INNER POWER!

I am not talking about your physical strength, your social high level or your money power. I am talking about that Inner power that only comes from knowing exactly who you are, which is your mission, what do you want to do with your life and the determination and commitment of doing what it takes to achieve it.

This powerful essence inside of you is what it is going to take you wherever you want and regardless on the techniques that you use, the people, when they interact with you, they might not be able to explain why, but they want to follow you. Sometimes they don't even know your full name, your age, your profession, your hobbies, your marital status, but they interact with you and they notice the your conviction of knowing where you are going, who you really are and what is what you want.

Your body language, the tone of your voice, your sight, your conviction, everything is congruent. You are a magnet, people feel attracted to you, they want to be your friends, they want to hear what you have to say, and this will take your leadership level to a higher level and your circle of influence will be everyday higher and higher. This is what outstanding human beings in different areas and times in history have in common. Their Inner Power and a High Reach circle of Influence.

There are human beings, which you maybe never knew them or that have existed hundreds of years ago and that they keep influencing the society, beliefs and the way thousands of people think. These men or woman, developed something, that without it, any powerful Marketing technique would deliver great results to anybody, they discover and developed, their Inner Power.

And this is what I talked about when I mention the concept of High Reach Marketing, my value to you will be to help you developing that Inner Power that is not only going to improve your life quality, but it will make you impacting your surrounding, to cross borders and culture barriers, to position yourself not only like a leader or an expert in your niche, but as a mentor, as a guide, as an example to be followed, as an arrowhead. When you get able to own your Inner Power, your Reach won't have limits, but for this you will need more than your will to work hard, you will need to open your mind and to stop thinking that the change of your life is going to come from something outside yourself. The change my friend comes from inside to be able to manifest it outside.

Well If you have read me before, you will know that I like to talk straight, so I have to say that This is a basic ingredient for your success, without it, there is no strategy or technique that can be effective for a High Reach Marketing. It is like to try to run a car without gasoline, without Inner Power, this powerful vehicle, of the internet Marketing or that wonderful Primary business that have made thousands of people rich, is not going to take you far. If you don't have gasoline and of course a driver (you), that knows how to drive that vehicle and where is he going to, with conviction; well, that Ferrari, that Lamborghini that you have home, it will be parked, sometimes you will look through your window and admire it and say wow, this vehicle is powerful, and you will wash it and wax it, but you will experience it's real power just until you decide to look for it's key, right inside of you; until you decide to change your ego for your real essence; until you decide to change the interest of having a huge list, for a genuine interest in the people behind that email address; until you deeply discover why and for what reason you were born and you just can't forget about that important mission why you wake up every morning; until every person that you interact with, gets something positive from you and you do this for his own good and not for yours; until you decide to take action, to take that magical key, that it is the only one that could take that vehicle to his maximum power, and when you fill up the gasoline tank with all those reasons that you have to move ahead, your dreams and the changes that you want to make in your life.

Then, you get in this wonderful car, new, shinny, beautiful and say with determination: HERE I AM!. When you set up your mind and your focus in all this powerful reasons that are the ones that will keep you running, independently of the road conditions, when n the day is sunny, when it rains, when you go through a bottleneck and you think that you are stock and not moving, But nothing can stop you, you feel powerful, you know that you will make it, that you are in the right way, you are decided, this is your mission, nobody else can accomplish it, but you.

When this happens, when people see the way you are driving this vehicle: determined, because you know where you are going, that you are in the best vehicle, your tank is full, your map is defined, your destiny is clear. Then, and only then, the people that are looking for a change, but they are discouraged, or they want something more, but they feel lost, without course, without direction, without a clear objective, with no expectation that there is a better life style to their reach, with doubts on themselves of being capable to achieve what they deserve; when they see you passing by, when they hear the motor of your vehicle and the sparkle of your sight having a clear and precise focus, they will feel this power of attraction and they will say: I don't know what it is, but I like it, I don't know what he has, but I am interested, I don't understand anything about Marketing, but I believe him, I don't know about business, but I definitely want to live better; I don't know anything about computers, but I am willing to learn; I don't have money, but I will find it, I don't know how I am going to do it but....








And Do you know what will happen with the people that they are already successful, that they have their business well positioned and that they have the results that you are looking for?

They will look to you and they will identify you as an strong leader, with his own opinion and they will invite you to join them, they will invite you to bring your own value to their teams, and they will exposure you in their own websites like somebody that is making a difference and they will welcome you to that mentor group that now you admire and dream to be part of.

That, my friend, is what I call "HIGH REACH MARKETING"