Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Understanding the Effectiveness of Brand Utility Promotions

By Jitske Memoli

As competition continues to increase among corporations, is also the need for different businesses to find new ways to reach consumers. One of the ways in which many are focusing on reaching different individuals is through the use of brand utility. This is a way of combining advertising with the products or services that you are able to offer with your company. By incorporating this into your business, you can build a new level of personalization to those interested in your products or services.

Brand utility is beginning to incorporate into businesses because of the several corporations and high levels of competition that are in society. Marketing experts began to find that industrial corporations and large businesses were disconnected from the average consumer and often didn't look into needs of individuals, but instead at mass production of different items. Today, this has led to a gap between the requirements of consumers and the production of businesses. The idea of brand utility is to close this gap. While manufacturing processes can still continue there are promotions that are used to reach different consumers while personalizing product needs.

There are several ways that you can utilize brand utility to begin building your business identity. The main focus you will want to have is to provide a service or product that is free to the consumer and which helps with your promotions. For instance, offering free delivery on packages by a book company or service centers to make phone calls by a cell phone company can help with specific products. You can then add in your main brand identity to this while promoting services and products that are currently offered by your business. The main concept is to combine the products and services you offer with promotions and advertising.

The ability to use brand utility advertising is one that is providing several opportunities for service providers. The main advantage is that you are able to promote your services through extra products or services offered to consumers. By doing this, you are able to instantly grow in customer loyalty while building your brand identity. With the extra services you provide, you can place your logo or graphics on the main area. This works as a promotional material while offering a convenience to consumers in the community.

Looking at the different aspects of advertising is one that is continuing to advance by businesses. Brand utility is one of the concepts that are now being looked into by marketers and businesses to effectively enhance their business. The result is the ability to advertise and promote products while offering new services to customers that