Monday, August 23, 2010

Leaflet Distribution Methods

By Asim J Sheikh

Once you have designed a good leaflet you need to get it out there to people. There are a few ways to do it depending on your budget, the response rate required and demographics.

The first three types of distribution are direct marketing solutions. These involve leaflets being delivered by a reliable leaflet distributor directly to a customers home.

Solus distribution

This is when a single leaflet is delivered without any other leaflets. This is by far the best form of direct marketing using leaflets as you can drive a highly targeted campaign to the specific demographics that you require. The response rates for these leaflet delivery campaigns is the highest compared to other direct mail methods.

Shared distribution or share plan

This is the most popular and probably one of the most cost effective leaflet distribution methods. Three or four non-competing leaflets are usually delivered together. This method is usually targeted to post code levels and returns excellent results, although it has a lower response rate than Solus distribution.

Selected distribution

This is a more targeted form of leaflet distribution to a consumers home as using social economic information for that area you can target specific consumers in any demographic, this can give back excellent results but larger amounts of leaflets can take time to be delivered due to leaflets being targeted to specific types of demographics. Not allleaflet distribution companies offer this type of service. This is especially good for testing a product or service in a specific area.

With magazines and newspapers

This is a very reliable form of distribution as you are using an existing network to get you leaflets distributed and can be very cost effective when compared to shared or Solus distribution. However you are relying on the areas the newspapers are being delivered to and a lot of consumers do not read free papers. Adding to this leaflet inserts from free papers are more likely to end up in the bin without being read. This is mainly due to the number of leaflets given with the free newspaper.

On windscreens

This method can be cost effective and you will be able to distribute leaflets to a large number of people very quickly. But most car owners do not like to see leaflets placed on their cars and there is also the possibility windscreen wipers could be damaged as a result of placing the leaflet there.

Hand out leaflets in the street to the general public.
This is a great way to distribute leaflets as you can distribute leaflets to large number very quickly and the general public will look at the leaflet more than once, usually once they are handed the leaflet and later when they arrive home. This type of distribution is good for campaigns that do not need to be targeted but can be more expensive than other distribution methods.

There are also other methods of leaflet distribution including leaving leaflets in public places such as cafes, shops and cinemas with the permission of the owners

Left in public places such as cafes, shops and cinemas with the permission of the owner, this could work if you choose places relevant to your chosen market but there is not any control over exactly who gets the leaflets who if anyone will pick up the leaflets.

All the leaflet distribution methods discussed will provide varying levels of responses from consumers. But before all leaflets are delivered, make sure you have a well designed leaflet to get the message across that you want. You must be clear in your marketing strategy from the beginning, if not your response rates will be a lot lower than you expect.