Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3 Tips for Bullet Proof Networking

By J. H. Lee

You are probably saying to yourself, "What Is Bulletproof Networking?" First, let's talk about what being "Bulletproof" means. Obviously, it means that a bullet (something lethal and destructive) cannot penetrate a surface and cause us harm. When something is bulletproof, it protects us and keeps us safe from death or severe injury. Being safe, protected, and secure, it's something that we all want. Every person alive will naturally go to extreme measures to avoid severe injury or death. It's just a natural part of our make up.

Can you suffer severe injury or death to your business networking pursuits? Is it possible to become traumatized by certain incidents within your networking experiences and stop altogether?

The above are surely possible and should be avoided in order to flourish and maximize your networking ROI. The last thing you want is to have your ambitions and intentions cut short.

If you're using business networking to advance your career, you are doing the right thing. Below, are three tips to help you obtain protection from lethal networking bullets.

1. Make a real commitment to yourself to keep your feet planted in your efforts.

There are numerous things that can happen in the course of networking. You can be insulted, rejected, and not see the results or fruits of your labor for a period of time. These things are to be expected when you choose networking as your method of self marketing. The above situations can also cause a person to quit.

To avoid this type of death in your networking, the commitment that you make in the beginning has to be real. It cannot be one of those commitments that is unfounded and can be broken or interrupted by the least little thing. When the above things happen and your commitment is real, you will continue on and allow your efforts to compound, which will make you a bullet proof success.

2. Review your goals and time frames frequently.

Another way to bulletproof yourself in networking is to review your goals a few times daily. This way, when adverse situations occur, you will feel down, but have your goals to reference. Your goals should be motivating. They should cause you to envision and feel the end result as if it where occurring now. Put these goals in the place of the adversities and your shields will be attained.

3. Continual exposure to business networking situations.

The best way to overcome the weakness or become an expert at something is through continuous exposure and practice. While engaged in networking, you may feel intimidated, nervous, or anxious. You made me feel as though what you're doing is not working.

The best way to conquer these things is to continually put yourself into business networking situation. Attend networking events, communicate frequently with other professionals online, host your own events and be your own guest speaker. As you progress, you will grow very thick skin, become super strong in your skill level, and finally, become bullet proof.