Monday, August 9, 2010

Managing Emotions - Great Tips to Becoming a Happier Person

By Crystal M. Jonas

Be Happy - Happiness is a Choice and an Easier One When You are Managing Your Emotions.

Ok, so if happiness is a choice, how come more people don't choose to be happy? How can you be more happy? Good questions!

All it takes is using your emotional intelligence in managing emotions to get good at it.

All right, I confess "all it takes" was tongue in cheek. Managing your emotions is not all that easy. Because hey, you're smart, if mood managing were all that easy, you'd have it nailed by now, right?

If people were had been taught more about emotional intelligence and managing emotions in grade school, many of us would be out of work! Trust me on this one, there's a good reason that you haven't been all that great at "choosing" happiness.

Quite simply, managing emotions is a learned skill. And, unless you're just naturally happy, or been taught how to chose which mood serves you best in the moment, there's no reason you can expect to have mastered the incredibly wide range of emotions a person can feel.

You see, managing emotions starts with baby steps. So, how about this, begin by noticing what mood you're feeling in any given moment. That might seem like a big chore, so let's boil it down to this: Tomorrow morning, when you're getting ready for the day, tell yourself that you will be conscious of any strong emotion you have through the course of the day. No matter what emotion it is, happiness, fear, frustration, love, you'll catch yourself in the moment of high emotion.

Next, ask yourself, what circumstances came right before this? Does this emotion serve me? Is it as strong as it needs to be? Do I enhance this emotion or do I inhibit it by changing my focus?

Want to be happier? Geez, I hope the answer is yes! If not, this is probably not the best article for you, my friend!

To be generally happy on a regular basis, tune in your focus to all that is right in a single moment. Do not stop until you can come up with at least 10 factors that makes this moment just right. (Such as, the sun is shining, you're having your favorite food for dinner, your best friend just called you for a movie, etc.)

Focus, focus, focus on everything that's right. Now, you're on your way to managing your emotions to be a happier person. GO FOR IT!

One more tip. Keep a happiness journal. No kidding. Try it. Record all things great. You know, a lot of studies have been done on people who journal about negative stuff in their lives, and guess what? You're way ahead of me, they actually get *more* negative!