Saturday, August 7, 2010

Warnings From Successful Time Management Experts

By Arjen Ter Hoeve

We know how important time is in our lives. Often we do not utilize what limited time we have effectively. That is why we end up with piles and piles of tasks to do and jobs to finish. Without proper time management we are vulnerable to stress and an overload of responsibilities. Unfortunately most of us who are in such a situation cannot even begin to identify which task should be done first.

It is important in such a situation to give attention to the way we manage our time. Often we do things without much thought; the result is finding ourselves rushing from one task to another.

Needless to say there are habits we need to correct with regards to our time management practices. Here are a couple of things we should consider among tons of other issues.

A lot of us are guilty of multi-tasking. Whether we admit it or not, more than often we find ourselves doing too many things at the same time. Although it seems a good thing especially when we have a long list of tasks to attend to, most often though we end up only completing 50% of them. As a result we sacrifice the quality of our outputs and lessen our productivity even more.

Multi-tasking is a much less effective way of doing things since moving from one task to another normally leads to losing your momentum and focus. Yes it is okay to multi-task with simple activities. Remember to avoid doing it for those that demands deep thinking and complex thoughts. Give focus and attention to important tasks and maintain a level of discipline wherein you demand nothing less than the best when doing your duties. Especially when these are things that are crucial in achieving the goals and objectives you set out to accomplish.

That's the reason why it's important to properly plan, schedule and prioritize all your activities. Do this in the order you wrote your task on your sheet. Use no more than the time allotted to the task. Give it 100% of your attention.

Another common mistake that should be avoided is working in an environment that is not supporting the task at hand. For instance, having a messy work area leaves you with little room or none to focus on your duties. Working in areas where you are prone to being constantly interrupted often leads to wasting precious time. As your train of thought, momentum and flow are interrupted you also lose focus on your priorities.

It is important then to eliminate the clutter in your surroundings in order to create an environment where you can work freely towards achieving your plans.