Friday, August 6, 2010

The Shocking Secret Threatening Your Life Legacy

By Rob Haywood

A forked tongue samples the air. Your ankle within reach.

Creating a life legacy is an ambitious goal to maximize your earthly experience and contribution. Though a worthy pursuit at any stage of life, creating a legacy is often a journey taken by those in their grandparent years. Catalyzed by the magic of grandchildren and the extra time for self-reflection, grandparents possess a unique legacy building opportunity.

Unfortunately, for those blessed with the drive to begin, the vast majority will never complete the journey. Like a makeshift grave off the wagon trail in the old west, a simple wooden cross atop a pile of rocks marks the spot where greatness was abandoned. For, like any trailblazing adventure, the path is strewn with hidden dangers.

However, these threats do not give themselves away like the telltale sign of a rattlesnake shake. No, instead, the greatest threat to your legacy is a silent beast. Invisible. Odorless. Undetected. Perhaps of the most cruel variety, this beast is one you will remain oblivious to, even as the dreams are squeezed from your mind.

Now, I wish not to discourage you. But rather, smack you awake with this warning: to keep your legacy plan on track, you will need the key to unlock a powerful secret.

Human nature requires us to get excited and motivated about new things. Dreaming is a critical factor in motivating greatness. Though we all dream, only a few among us heed the warning to avoid the invisible enemy stalking our plans.

And that enemy sits between your ears.

At first, powerful emotions of dreams flood your brain with positive signals. Your brain in this moment becomes your greatest ally. But these initial emotions will ultimately dissolve...leaving the mind trap that your efforts were wasted.

Your untrained brain will convince you that your purpose is unworthy. Your skills & resources lacking. And, you WILL abandon the effort. Deep down, you know this script rings true in dozens of your own experiences.

And, in fact, the thought itself has triggered an internal defense mechanism, right now making you slightly uncomfortable from simply reading these words.

You need to wake to the secret. We all do.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. (Anatole France)

Smile. Because, in a moment, your legacy effort will receive a most powerful weapon...

If you are not actively programming the brain, the subconscious mind has the power to become your legacy's worst nightmare. But, the most incredible secret is that YOU have the power to harness this power for good. You can actually, factually, train your brain to support you.

The greats throughout history knew this secret. And the power of auto-suggestion is well studied, and leveraged throughout the ages as the best method to tap into the magical, positive potential of your inner thoughts.

The untrained brain is perhaps the greatest legacy killer of all. Slithering upon your legacy plans right now. And, the terrible fact is that these killings go completely unnoticed, and ironically accepted by those whose dreams have been squashed.

But, this will NOT happen to YOU if you use the power of the following BRAIN TRAIN SECRET...

Step #1: Think positive thoughts

Step #2: Repeat

I know, I know. You already know all that, right?! (Caution: Write this thought off as silly and you fall victim to your mind.)

Sure, we have all heard of daily affirmations, and other techniques to prime our minds for the challenges we face. But let me ask you a simple question. What have YOU ever done about it?

To make the secret work, the critical step is number 2. Step 2 is not simply for humor, but rather, begs you to uncork the power of frequency. Not to train for an hour, or even a week. If you plan to try brain training in a half-hearted gesture of mamby pamby-ness, you may as well just stay asleep. Instead, you need to commit to thousands and thousands of repetitions.

Fulfill your personal legacy. Never leave thought to chance, for chance will work against you. Training your brain is the key. Unlock the secret power of your mind, and the knowledge, skills, and confidence you gain will shock you right out of bed. In fact, you will wake for the first time in years.

Imagine a powerful life, free from negative thoughts and fears. What if you could easily and effortlessly program your brain with thousands and thousands of positive messages? What if the time commitment was minimal? The cost insubstantial? How incredible will YOUR life be when you unlock the unimaginable power of your inner mind?