Thursday, August 5, 2010

What is your Excuse Today that you wil Regret Tomorrow?

What is your excuse!

If you’re doing the same thing today that you did yesterday or last week you’re probably not making an effort to get where you want to be. Take the first step today or at least admit that you’re slacking.

How often is it that you hear people giving you excuses for things that they need to be doing. We humans are just plain lazy, working for something seems like a strange idea. You’d rather things just pop into place without any effort right? We all hope for that to happen but unless you’re totally ignorant you know that it’s not going to happen by itself. Depending on who you quote things left to themselves either stay exactly the same or go from bad to worse.

Let’s compare:

•You want things to pop into place by themselves but,
•left to themselves things stay the same or go from bad to worse.

Why is it then that you don’t do something about it? You’re still reading this blogpost right? Do you really think that reading this post will make things pop into place? You know better.

Blaming yourself

Looking back at my life there are a lot of instances that I should have stopped making excuses and looking for ways to slack. There are so many things in my past I wish I did differently and I’ve got myself to blame for all those missed opportunities. But do you know the problem with blaming yourself? you stay stuck in the past and thoughts about would have, should have and could have. I could have been a great guitarist if only…, I could have been a great martial artists if only…, I could be in far less debt if only… Just a few of the many things that are lodged in my mind.

I’ll be damned

But you know what? It’s not about what you could, should or would have done. It’s what you do this moment that counts, yesterday is in the past and tomorrow is in the future (how obvious what that one). Today is the present, it’s a gift that you had better accept and be happy with.

Where you are today is the accumulation of all your choices in the past. That is the essential sentence here because today will be yesterday tomorrow and so you can add todays choices to your past and slowly but surely form your path. You can’t change the past but you can put a lot of good things in it. And so if you don’t want to condemn yourself to feelings of regret in the future about all the things you didn’t do today go do them! Don’t give yourself any excuses or you will regret them when the time comes to reflect on what you did. Don’t give yourself any excuses you can beat yourself with.

I know it’s quite obvious. But why don’t you implement this and take action today? Admit it, you’re doing right now what you will regret tomorrow