Friday, July 23, 2010

Read Fast For Obtaining More Knowledge

By Joanna Davis

In this globalization era, the lifestyle forces us to live instantly. Learn everything fast and do anything quick. It will give efficient time for us to get all what we want. To jump start you must know how to read fast. In this case you need to learn speed reading.

Yeah, it will assist you to read information quick. Once you know how to read speedy, you'll obtain knowledge more. For you know, our reading speed changes as we grow in life. In high school, we typically read 200 words per minute. On university, our reading speed faster into 4 words per minute. After we graduate from campus, our reading skill drops into 200 words per minute. Of course, you won't lose your capability in reading, right? Get the basic techniques to develop your speed reading.

1. Don't be focused in every single word

You are rather to look at group of 2 to 3 words. For example, For instance, this sentence could be grouped in this manner. When you read the sentence, it's better for you to divide into: for instance / this sentence / could be grouped / in this manner.

2. Improve Vocabulary

When you find new words, you must familiarize yourself with this word. So, when you read the same word, you will not be confused.

3. Don't Move Your Lips

If you are typically person who always move your lips when read a book, for speed reading force yourself to read fast. Try to apply the first tip above and it will make you stop to move your lips.

4. Read More

Ensure yourself to spare 15 minutes of daily time to read a novel. It equals to 18 books a year. The more books you can improve speed reading.

5. Know the Reason

When you are reading a book, you must know the purpose. If you only want to find the main ideas, you can skim the material. For speed reading, it is okay you are not focus in every word.

6. Speed Up

Improve your own skill with spend few minute a day. Read a book faster than your average time. You can use your hand or an index card to guide your eyes. Time yourself to read few pages at your normal speed. And compare it! It will help you to obtain more information in limit time.