Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to Cut Time Wasting From Your Marketing Life in Three Steps

By Thom Lancaster

It's amazing how much time every marketer wastes. Time which can better be spent creating products, or otherwise trying to grow your online business. In this article I want to expose three things that you are probably doing, each of which is taking away valuable minutes from your day. Even if you're only making one of these three mistakes, if this costs you 10 minutes a day, that's over an hour a week you could save. Over the course of a year, you could create multiple products in that time.

The first thing you are probably doing is checking your e-mail too often. Make it a rule that you will only check your e-mail once or twice a day. There' s no reason why you need to deal with every single e-mail the second it enters your mail box. People will only expect that if you start to set it as a precedent. Instead, make people understand that you operate under a predefined system where e-mail, although important, doesn't rule your life. People can still contact you if they have an urgent need. That's what telephones are for.

The second thing you should do is to turn up instant messenger. It's amazing what a time sink this is. Once people get into the idea they can contact you and expect an immediate response you'll find that you are drawn into conversations and struggle to get things done. It's okay if you're a messenger addict. You can still set aside a predetermined period of your day, after your work is done, for fun on messenger. But, that's purely if you've accomplished your goals. Otherwise, instant messaging is a luxury you can't afford when you grow your business.

The final thing you should do is to cut out checking forums on a regular basis. Just like with e-mail, there's no need to monitor every time someone replies to one of your posts. You certainly don't need to be trolling around forums just looking for something to reply to. Forums are good for occasional entertainment, or to use when you're looking to solve a specific problem. Cut them out the rest of the time and you'll find that you get much more done.

I'm sure that you're making at least one of the time wasting mistakes that I mentioned. Just think how much time you could reclaim by cutting down on e-mails, messaging or forum usage. Think of these as a treat, rather than something you do as a matter of course. Your online productivity will thank for you for it.