Monday, July 12, 2010

Busyness Or Business?

By Lynn Banis

Do you get caught in the busyness of the days activities? Don't get effort confused with results. We all have tons of things on our plates and it is so easy to pick the low hanging fruit because it can be done quickly and easily. The problem with this is that the low hanging fruit may not be the most important or have the impact you need. It does feel great though to cross stuff off your list doesn't it?

Try breaking the big, important things - the business things - down into small pieces that you can tackle. Make sure you have created doable pieces. One of reasons we avoid tackling big projects is that they seem overwhelming when we look at them as a whole. Identify the steps you need to complete to finish each of your smaller bundles of work. Then create an action plan for getting them completed. Once you have each piece done you can cross that off your list and still see some progress. The sense of accomplishment that gives you often creates some momentum to get the rest of the job done. When you have momentum going for you your motivation seems to increase as does your energy so you get more done. Funny how that works isn't it?

It is true that you do have to get to some of the low hanging fruit also. Some of it probably needs to be done each day. Why don't you try mixing it up a bit? Plan on doing some of the tough stuff first and then reward yourself with doing some of the easier tasks. That will also give you a great feeling of accomplishment. Think in terms of priorities. Get the important stuff done and then work on the little stuff. It will make all the difference in your productivity.

Some people get really stuck trying to figure out how to get at the big, not-so-fun stuff. If you fall into that category you might want to try hiring a well trained coach. Your coach can help you look at all of the things on your plate and prioritize them. Then you can work together to come up with some ways to break that tough stuff down into small pieces. Your coach will help keep you focused on the important things, will act as your support system for getting it done and will help you celebrate your successes.