Friday, July 9, 2010

The Bells of Your Reality Ringing (How to Make Life Better)

By Joshua Clayton

Get organized! Those two words are like the bells of your reality ringing in your ears and mind when you think about it. Sure, they seem irritatingly simple. But, they are indeed the most realistic words you can say to yourself and hear in life. I am not saying, "be a perfectionist," but I am saying in a very deeply passionate way, get organized. That is the only way to put it when dealing with life and all its things. Sure, more complex words than I am saying here would be more dishonestly mystical, which is the last thing anyone reading and heeding this article needs. No, indeed, I am being totally and honestly rational and realistic in a "cold blooded" way here, and in all of my articles, no matter how seemingly gentle the approach.But no matter how "cold blooded" I get, I am loving and passionate in my approach and personal reality. To be genuinely organized, you or anyone who is organized has to have that passion for their reality and their approach, me included. For, is sloppy ever sloppy in an organized way? No, it is not. Seriously think about it, genuine congruency or clarity is never sloppy.

Sure, if I was making this up as a fairy tale full of lies and nothing, I would be doing a horrible job. Because I am writing about the unvarnished realities of life we all face as conscious human beings on this Earth, and probably elsewhere where there is consciousness. For the bell that rings, no matter what does say get organized, especially when you are not.

Think upon this: Organization and goals are the keys to success, even the "worst success writer" if they do exist has to admit that! That is a universal reality of achievement,if it was not, then we could be as disorganized as we please and genuinely "get away with it" and "Slack off" easily. No, that is not how the principle of reality works and reality does work on definite principles and logical laws, no matter what.

Realistically, I cannot think for you, I can only think for myself. But through the medium of the typed word, I can give you this advice, yet again. Before you fail, get organized. Sure, it rings like a bell throughout this article, I admit. But that is how life works, that is how existence works and that is the most important principle there is in existence and life, in that order. Sure, this is a simple article telling the reality of the situation at all levels. Is not what it all comes down to a unified law of reality as principle? Yes, I know so. Otherwise, planes or bees would not be able to fly and gravity would not work through the principles of aerodynamics, even. Nature without any remission, follows the law, and the law is one, it is reality and it is organized to work in the way it needs to no matter what. Reality exists successfully because of this. So take a hint from reality and get organized yourself.