Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flirting With Eye Contact - Proven Seduction and Attraction Techniques Using the Eyes

By Chase Tylerson

The first thing I think about when I think of a truly incredibly beautiful and stunning girl is the eyes. Of course a great figure, butt, breasts etc. play an important role too but when you are talking "model quality" and "top.5%", all of those are given. The real standout for me is the eyes. They are truly the windows to the soul. They can show the hidden depths a woman has or perhaps the vapid lack of depth. Now reverse engineer that, if the eyes can be so important isn't it perhaps important to know what she is saying while flirting with those eyes. I think so! If you do too, please read on...

Making eye contact is essential in flirting with eye contact

When you see a girl you like you should attempt to make eye contact. This is for a couple of reasons. For one, by making eye contact you show confidence. For another you are testing the waters. It is not hard to tell if a girl as revulsion or interest when she looks at you. If you exchange eye contact and flash a smile and she reciprocates, you know you have a great shot at continuing on to the next stage in your seduction routine. If she laughs and giggles or looks like a deer in the headlights, you may not want to waste more time with her, she seems uninterested.

Maintain eye contact, do not let your fears make you avoid eye contact

Have you ever seen a girl looking at you or had her reciprocate by returning a flirty gaze only to think something like this, "Damn she's looking at me. OK what do I do now? I have to look away fast, I don't want to seem like a creep or a pervert, and I can't scare her off. Look at her friends, now the wall, now the door, is she still looking..." This is the wrong thing to do, but it is what most guys do anyhow. You have to get and hold her gaze and maintain eye contact for 1-2 seconds. 2 seconds is an eternity in a stare but you need that long to seem confident and sure. Any more than that and you will come off as a creep/pervert so no more than 2 seconds please.