Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Giving Up And Getting Up

By Babajide Jinadu

In life, people ask themselves what they where created for? Why they were created? Their purpose on earth? etc. Many have come to understand this question and even answered it themselves while others are still out there looking for people to answer it for them. They fail to know that the answer lies within their inner subconscious.

I am not here to give answers to these questions but I am here to show you the difference between the two categories of people we have above. Giving up! What does it mean?, how does it affect people positively or negatively? How do people cope with it? All these questions arise, but giving up really to me means you are a failure, you have dreams, visions, goals, targets which you must meet, you then have to strategize on how to achieve it, risks involved, time frame etc after all this you start on your mission of trying to achieve your set target, but on the way you face challenges, meet with problems some you foresee others you don't, what really makes you stand out from others is your approach to handling the matter. Some take up the challenge to the extent that they almost lose everything they own, even their families reject them. That's the point am talking about, I know you can guess what others do they "give up". By giving up let me list what you tend to miss out on for not forging ahead:

1. You will never know the outcome of what you started

2. You are tagged a failure.

3. You will even lose more than what you can recover if you had stayed on.

4. People will never remember you because you failed and nobody wants to recon with a failure.

5. You will remain in your present position and never move ahead.etc

There are more but I know you have gotten the picture of what I mean. "Getting up", this is the man who having gone through all the challenges life has offered him still prefers to stay on, he never wants to be tagged a failure and all he sees his is target no matter the pressure he will face to give up, he will stay on and he definitely will win.