Monday, June 28, 2010

Your Subconscious Or Unconscious Mind - How to Unleash Its Unlimited Power and Potential

By Mahindra Raj

Your unconscious mind or subconscious mind (those terms are used interchangeably), is what controls all the automatic functions of your body. It is where all the conditioning and programming that even you are unaware of, is stored. Your unconscious mind or subconscious mind is literally what automatically runs all your "un-thought of", automatic behaviors and habits. It is where all your "automatic" emotional reactions come from. It is the place from which you act in life and do things. Even when you think and believe you are doing something consciously and even when you believe you are deciding or making a choice consciously, the first ideas and thoughts first came from your unconscious storehouse of neural networks, information and behavioral patterns called the unconscious mind.

This makes it quite complicated for most human beings because they are unaware of what unconscious and subconscious patterns of thought, emotions and behaviors they are running. But that's only because firstly, they are unaware of their patterns and habits and secondly, because most people don't know how to create awareness about what is running unconsciously and condition their unconscious mind with what they desire more of in their life. Is it possible to do that? Of course it is!

Many of the most successful people on Earth understand and realize how their conscious/unconscious mind and brain works and rather than fighting it, then embrace it and use it to create what they want. Every single material object that has been created by humans first began as an idea and then a thought. If everything that exists in the physical World as you know it now first began as an idea and thought, then what is stopping you from creating all the most amazing things, feelings, people and experiences that you want in your life? That is the main question isn't it? What makes it so challenging for many people to create and have what they want in their life?

Here are a couple of strategies I will share with you to get you moving in the right direction. But before I share it with you, I must tell you one important condition about how your unconscious or subconscious mind works. These insights that I share with you will only work if you do them and condition them repeatedly until it becomes part of your unconscious mind or subconscious mind.

First, you create awareness and clarity about what has been holding you back by asking yourself this again and again until you get deep into the root cause or causes of the blocks and limitations you are experiencing: "If I was in control of my own life's creations and experiences, what is the main thing, thought or belief that is stopping me from creating all that I want NOW?"

Then once you have got a clearer perspective about what is holding you back, you must condition your mind with the opposite of the limiting thought or belief that has been holding you back. and I'm not talking about "affirmations". Affirmations, even if they work, take a long, long time to work. What you must do is, is do (as Tony Robbins calls them) "Incantations".

I'll give you an example of what I do 5 days a week to condition myself and my unconscious mind with more abundance. I run 5 days a week, in the mornings. And as I am running, I say out loud, "Every day and every way, I'm getting healthier and stronger!" I repeat this over and over again as I run for at least 5 minutes, then I switch to another incantation I have. I run about 30 minutes each time and I have about 6 incantations I condition into my unconscious mind every day.

That's how you condition yourself for success and what you want to experience more of in your life. Don't believe me? Go do it yourself and then tell me you don't feel absolutely awesome and unstoppable after 30 minutes of that. This is just one of the highly effective strategies of success and conditioning that you can get from Serenity Life Coaching Programs. I hope you take this tip and actually use it to begin experiencing more of what you want now.