Monday, June 14, 2010

Sales Training - The Road to Success

By Aidans Doran

The sales and reputation of a company depends on its sales team. The more trained and effective the sales team is, the more profit is guaranteed for that company. is an important aspect that is necessary for generating effective sales. Sales training helps the sales personnel to achieve their targets without much ado. There are a few rules of thumb that ought to be followed to convince people that the product that is being presented to them is actually needful and that they would miss out on a great opportunity if they abstained from buying it.

is important for both telesales and direct sales executives. It is more important for the telesales executives to be properly trained, as the customers need to be convinced more on the telephone so that they will be convinced to buy the product or service.

Important tips for Sales Training

The following tips will help in training both the telesales and direct sales executives:

Seek attention: Everyday the customer is presented with hundreds of options that promise great changes in their lives. After a certain period of time, the customer is numb and unresponsive to these kinds of adverts. Therefore to be a successful sales executive, one needs to present something different to the customer. The greatest hurdle is to get the attention of the customer. To overcome it, be very tactful in the first few seconds of your interaction. Arouse the interest of the customer in your product. Your opening sentence and the first impression are very crucial in getting attention and in turn, the business.

Rouse curiosity: Once the customer is ready to spend a few moments listening to your explanation about a product, understand that he might be interested in purchasing the product that you are selling. It is now important that you rouse the curiosity of the customer towards your product. To keep their interest and curiosity sustained, present the product in the least time by highlighting its exact benefits.

Build rapport and trust: It is very important that the customer has enough credibility and trust in your product so that he is ready to buy it. This trust and credibility has to be built by the sales executive by asking relevant questions which will prove that you are genuinely interested in the requirement of the customer and are not trying to shove a product to him. You have to convince him to purchase your product.

Give a Personal touch: It is important that you gather as much information as possible from the customer about his needs and be assured that your product or service does serve their need. Make the customer feel valued. Instead of just selling, make him feel that you are serving him.

Provide a solution: Agree on the needs of the customer and accept what he is saying. If your product or service matches the need of your customer, then provide the solution to him in a polite manner. He should be convinced that your product will actually serve his needs. Even if he refuses to buy your product you should close the interaction with a positive note so that you may again approach him with the same or some other product.