Friday, June 11, 2010

Business Stress - 3 Great Ways to Stand Up Against Stress and Stretch Your Imagination

By Ellen R. Norman

Being sedentary at work can cause lots of stress.
Start a walk group at work this helps to reduce stress.
Office chair exercises reduce stress and keep you fit.

1) Get out of your chair-
It is easy to be carried away on a project or task. By setting an alarm on your cell phone or on your computer to alert you to take, a get up and walk break you reduced physical and emotional stress. Do this perhaps every hour or so, depending on your own needs and the intensity of the project. Walk to the bathroom, walk outside, or get more water or some juice. Just before you sit back down do a few gentle stretches with your arms. Place you arms over your head and stretch to the sky. Then place your arms at your sides and stretch to either side. The point is to get out of your chair and get the blood and oxygen moving again.

2) Walking buddies-
The effects walking outside during a break or during lunch is enhanced when you ask a friend to walk with you. You both have committed to the exercise and can have non-work conversations. You can compare this to the exercise buddy system that motivates you to exercise at the gym. A walking buddy will give you out of your chair and out of stress.

3) Exercise chairman- Exercising while in your chair at your computer is possible. It just takes some creativity. You can do gentle neck rolls, by rolling your neck in gentle circles. Go one way then, the other. Try exaggerated shoulder slouching. Then straighten your shoulders slowly and then relaxing them before you slouch again. Another great exercise is doing gentle leg raises with your toes pointed. Doing these exercises by alternating your legs then use both legs. If you feel self conscious about these exercises, close your door to your office or encourage an office mate to do them too.

You will find that you are no longer sedentary, your heart, weight and attitude will be healthier. You will start to enjoy doing some of those intense projects and get a lot of work done in a shorter time.