Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today's article – Discover the Secret to a Healthier Memory

By Taylor Bliss

A healthier memory is always a plus, after all, a healthy one equals a good one. Actual production happen in three distinct stages: encoding, consolidation, and retrieval. Simple, healthier practices boosts these three processes a long way. Here are simple techniques you can adapt to ensure that you are going for a healthier memory that can give you a more productive and happier life:

1. Eat the rainbow. When dealing with a healthier brain functioning, plant foods are sure to crop up somewhere. Fruits and vegetables do wonders for improvement because they are loaded with B vitamins and antioxidants that protect brain cells from performance breakdown. Opt for a boost in brain performance by loading up on an assortment of colors to ensure a healthier balance of nutrients.

2. Never underestimate rest and sleep. Stress is a major culprit in most memory loss related mental disorders. Furthermore, stress puts unnecessary pressure, making it harder for recall. Have a healthier disposition by finding activities to diffuse stress. Take a walk or have a warm bath to induce relaxation. Help yourself attain a healthier memory too by having enough sleeping hours, to allow your brain time to transform the information you learn into actual memories.

3. Do brain exercise. A healthier brain is one that is always active. Continue to challenge your brain with stimulating brain games that allows for planning and strategy, which also works against a clock. Brain exercises would keep your brain functioning sharp and help you attain a healthier mental state.