Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why Security Doesn't Come From Money

By Aaron Parkinson

Security is a hot topic lately, especially financial security. It's not surprising considering the thousands of people being laid off on a daily basis. The definition for most people is quite simple. Get a great job, get paid well for a long time, and save enough to retire.

The problem with getting attached to this definition is the "what if?"

What if you get downsized? What if your company goes bankrupt? What if a new hot shot gets hired in your department? What if you are a hair model and one day you go bald in a crazy hot marshmallow accident?

What just happened to your security?

About five years ago I learned a different definition and it stuck with me forever.

"Security does not come from money. It comes from knowing that you will do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal."

When you start living your life through this filter everything becomes a lot more peaceful. You rarely panic or get stressed out. You know that you can turn the tide whenever you feel like putting your mind to it.

Let me be clear though: This is not a "change your mind and change your life thing."

You must have had enough experiences to "know" what you can do. You must have taken risks and followed through a few times. You must have paid some dues and fallen on your face.

Then you can differentiate between "hoping" and "knowing".

Only then will you truly have security.

Now go out and make some mistakes.