Saturday, June 5, 2010

Working With A Time Table For Success in Business

By Dinesh Ranawat

Time is the most important commodity for any businessmen and everyone is awarded with limited amount of hours and minutes. Successful businessmen know the importance of time or Time Management is key to success of most of the businessmen. A single second wasted cannot be recovered back at any cost.

The proper key to Time Management is setting priorities for the most important works. It is better to divert or delegate the work which can be done by unskilled or semiskilled person or it is better to delegate work to experts. However, one should not forget to spare some time for leisure activities, time for health and for hobbies.

During the School days, we used to have Time Tables for each and every subject. A fixed number of hours were allotted to each subject. During exam we were advised to allocate equal time for all the questions. In the same way Time Management by use of Time Tables is required in real life. One can allocate time to each and every important work, so that nothing is missed out. One can allocate time for exercise, leisure activities, business meetings, planning, advertising, networking and other required areas. However, the most important thing is that nothing is missed out.

Time is a player opposite to us, it can show us anything, it can be good, bad or normal. It shall never allow any indecision. Successful businessmen and Successful person never wasted time in taking decisions and remained firm after deciding something. The same is required from novice entrepreneurs.