Thursday, June 3, 2010

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How to Create Powerful Positive Affirmations

By Dr Hannes Dreyer

Being able to maintain a positive mindset is a big step towards reaching your goals and dreams. By being able to create your own powerful positive affirmations will help you to be able to do this and thus bring you closer to achieving your goals and dreams.

Positive affirmations are a very powerful mental tool for you to use and are really quite easy to create. However the thought and wording which you put into your affirmations will determine how effective or powerful they are.

Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when you begin to create your own powerful and positive affirmations:

Always be sure that the content of your affirmation is positive - What you might think of as being a positive statement is perhaps not when your subconscious gets it. A statement such as "I will not smoke!" is not a positive statement according to the subconscious, rather try something like "I only allow fresh air into my lungs as it is good for me!"

Affirmations should be in the present - As the subconscious only reacts to immediate instructions it is essential that your affirmation be in the present tense. So instead of I must/will loose weight!" rather say "Every day I only eat healthy food as this is good for my body!"

Affirmations should always be in the first person - Always write your affirmations in the first person, an affirmation such as "You will succeed!" is not going to be effectively understood or acted upon by the subconscious, rather keep it in the first person as in "I am a successful and wealthy person!"

By using these few bits of information, you will see that the affirmations which you are using will be transformed into powerful positive affirmations and will have a lot more effect on your subconscious mind and thus yield far better results in your life.

So begin to experience this power in your life as you begin to take back control of your subconscious mind and will be able to begin your journey towards a life of abundance and harmony.