Monday, May 31, 2010

Keeping Concentration and Comprehension at High Levels

By Tommy Mountain

Staying focused for longer periods of time is quite often a problem while learning new material. There are some tips that will help you to stay concentrated while you read.

First of all read with a clearly specified goal as this sets your mind in a proper state for acquiring new information.

If you will read just to read or think about your grandmother while you go over history of ancient civilizations then you might not get it quite well. You can compare reading with shopping. If you go to buy something without a list then usually you end up with bigger bag. When you read a piece of text without focus then you need to know that it is honestly not the best way to learn.

So when you are reading be sure that you do it with a right, conscious attitude and be sure of yourself.

In other words you need to be aware what you want to learn from text before you start reading it. This will keep your focus on a higher level and let you memorize things easily instead of wondering which information you should remember. To effectively learn from what you read it is good to note new facts with key words, graphic symbols and even connect them with your existing knowledge. The fastest way is simple tape recorder. Because your goals are clear it is much easier to go through material, pass on not needed information and speed up process while keeping concentration at a good level.

Sometimes it happens that you not only do not have a specified target in your reading but you do not even want to read it and everything that is connected to certain topics is simply boring for you. You may still need to know it as it can be for example your homework. What to do in such case?

The technique you can use in this is situation is quite simple. It is enough to convert name of chapters to questions and read chapters in search for answers. It is a way to get goals list for your reading session. Here is example:

Loss of Russian Army in battle for Krakow

What brings the loss to army, or
When did they lose,
What made the other side win?

After such conversion it is much easier to stay concentrated even while reading material you do not love so much. It is enough that you find answers to questions you created and you have it off your head.