Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Mind is a Phenomenal Part of Us

By Sandra Hendricks

Beliefs develop over time and throughout our lives, we add one after another. Sometimes we attempt to adopt the beliefs of others in our search for meaning. Our thinking leads to an intellectual knowing and then soon we believe. The trouble with trying to take on what other people make sound, logical and reasonable is that we must develop our own in-depth belief. This happens with religion and ideas like, The Law of Attraction. Without adding our own thought and creating a knowing, we cannot truly believe what we claim to understand.

We first think about what we hear or what another believes. Then with some thought, we slowly come to understand our own thoughts on the subject. It is at this point that we decide what to believe, concerning the ideas of another! Frequently, we claim to believe something that we have little in-depth knowledge of, and we label this faith. If you believe and have faith, the implication is that to understand is unnecessary. I must add here that, we develop destructive and constructive believes unknowingly. However, I am doubtful that we can undo those beliefs without a conscious effort.

I have come to understand that we must put thought toward what others tell us concerning new ideas. We cannot continue to go through life blindly accepting every notion that comes our way. On the same aspect, we cannot afford to dismiss new ideas, by refusing to put thought into them. We must strengthen our own minds and contemplate, and look for truth - our own truth. We do this habitually anyway, but more awareness toward what we think can help us determine better.

Say, for example, that someone tells you that you are stupid. Sometime later consequences reveal that you made a decision that turned out badly for you. Is this evidence that you are stupid and the person was right? With enough proofs like these, you could come to believe you are dumb. Accordingly, you will act on that belief by making fewer decisions. This verbal abuse did not develop your belief. It was your own thoughts about what the abuser told you that are the culprit! With enough failures, the truth of what you thought may have appeared to prove itself over time. Your thoughts actually seem validated by the events in your life and the reactions of those around you!

If we are going to better our circumstances, it is necessary to change the underlying beliefs, which we alone have developed! We act on what we believe and the results reveal themselves one belief at a time. Say, for instance, that someone has a strong belief (feels) that he or she is unappreciated. How did this idea come to be something that they believed? It began with a thought that developed into a knowing, through continual proof. Slowly, this imagined proof backed by the person's thoughts developed a strong belief. The thought may have started with one person but before long, the belief grows and includes everyone!

Ideas that sound logical to us may appear this way because the person giving the idea offers what seems like sure truth. Without our own thinking applied to the idea to develop the belief, the consequences are severe. We may attempt to act on another person's belief and ignore our thoughts completely. Where can this take us? We could end up in a hut in Arizona, dying from exhaustion and dehydration - okay so maybe that was a bit harsh, but close to home.

The mind is a phenomenal part of us, and we must utilize it effectively, if we hope to grow. Think with your heart, understand within your mind, and believe in your soul. Whether you are aware of it, you are developing, more beliefs daily. Choose what you think of and come to believe by being more in-tune with yourself. Contemplate what you hear from yourself and other people, and then consider the idea, so that the conclusion is a productive belief that will help.