Thursday, May 27, 2010

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5 Essential Habits to Self Confidence

By Ma. Sheila Escuro

Writing has been my passion since childhood years and now i am taking advantage of this passion to become a professional writer, blogger and a ...

The advancements in psychotherapy and psychological fields during last twenty or so years became very immense. Nowadays, we'll understand how a personality can be sustained and formed and how to develop quickly the method in enabling a person to change the feelings and behaviour.

How Do We Start Changing?

Here are Some of the Ingredients to a Successful Self-Confidence Change of Habit:

1. Acquire Self Belief - There's a need to believe the possibility to change ourselves. You can go to your school library or a public library and you search on several journals on different therapies and psychology subjects. You may also read on personal women experiences who already overcome issues on confidence building.

2. Search for a Motivation - It's a must that you want yourself to change. Due to the fact that changing ourselves feels so uneasy for us, people are contented waiting for some crisis before they face that need to change. So, at any means possible, think of the end in your mind, you become confident before anything disastrous comes due to the lack on self confidence. Do it now!

3. Acquire insight - its necessary to understand yourself and your behaviour. It's crucial that you are mindful of your feelings as well as behavior for the development of your personality.

4. Set a realistic goal - be sure that its yours and the goal is realistic. A person who lacks self confidence becomes an expert setting themselves to failure. For example, to tell yourself that: "I already knew it, someone nuts like me cannot possibly have this opportunity". The key in getting this goal will be in balancing "the game in playing safe" and aim very high, its best that you take a small step for a while. On that way, you'll have some chance to succeed and you'll be motivated from the nice feeling it brings.

5. Get a practice - keep spending energy and time to rehearse new self confidence building activities. To become self confident there's a need to develop new abilities, but, it doesn't come with neat package and comes in ready to use. As an example, you can try learning how to speak Spanish. It seems uncomfortable and odd for you but soon you'll be proud of yourself. There's nothing to be ashamed of when you practice in front of a mirror, when bathing in order to keep on practicing the new language. It's good also to rehearse in a camera to have an excellent practice.