Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reading Twenty Five Thousands Words Per Minute

By Tommy Mountain

Most of people who I know says that it's impossible to read so fast and be conscious of what you read. They are right - you cannot read with such a speed and catch all the sentences. Photographic reading is not one that we know from school. It's a way to transport information that is possible only while our logical mind (left hemisphere of brain) is switched off.

Photographic reading takes place without our conscious mind participating and it use parts of brain, that aren't active in classical reading. It means that we can use our mind in a completely new way! Have you seen that scene from Matrix movie in which Trinity learned to pilot helicopter with one simple data upload? The things with photographic reading is very similar. To improve our reading speed to point when we are able to simply put asleep our conscious mind and read we need to learn how to synchronize both hemispheres of our brain. Left part of our brain is connected with logic and analysis while the other side goes for understanding, synthesis of information and creating inner images. When you learn how to make a photo with help of your mind in outstanding speed which is one page per second it means that you use new way of absorbing information. With such speed traditional methods of reading from left to right, line after line simply doesn't work. Instead you train your right hemisphere of brain to make photocopy of whole page. To arrive at that point you need to practice your mind because this will help you to recall information that your mind is keeping anyway. Before taking any other step or choosing a training you need to do one most important thing. You need to believe. It's equal to removing limits that has been set on your brain. Repeating things like "you cannot read that fast" create limiting belief which is the first obstacle that needs to be removed.

Just imagine yourself how many possibilities and doors can be opened once you are able to educate yourself and learn with outstanding speed. You know what is the best? That it is as real as the fact that you read this sentence now! We use just couple percents of our brain power so photographic memory and even photographic reading are skills that you can train! If you believe in it, your mind will make it happen - it's as simple as that!