Monday, May 24, 2010

Attitude and Emotions Go Hand in Hand

By Tammie Szabo

Attitude, it always comes back to attitude. Your attitude more precisely. How you respond to any situation, person or thing that happens to you, around you or to someone that you care about. The emotion attached to what you want, don't want, do or don't do, is in direct proportion to your attitude. I never really understood this until recently. Let me explain what I am thinking.

You can have the most positive attitude in the worst situation you find yourself in and yet if you are 'feeling' any negative emotions that positive attitude isn't really going last long. You have to take baby steps in getting your emotions to be positive enough that the attitude is in sync with your emotional energy.

We are all energy beings. Science has shown that our bodies are made up of molecules, atoms and so on that creates our physical being. What is energy? Same thing...molecules, atoms and such. So we are energy beings, plain and simple. The world around us is made of the same stuff we are, that is why our environment is affected by us and visa versa. With that thought in mind, why would we want to allow ourselves to have negative emotions, feelings or thoughts? We would put it out there in attitude which would infect everyone and thing around us.

I got thinking about this this morning and realized that even when I have a great attitude about my life, I wanted to make sure that my emotions where on the same page. Most of the time it isn't hard to have this happen, but like I mentioned earlier, if you are experiencing a bad situation and try to keep the positive attitude going but your heart isn't in it or your emotions aren't matched to it then eventually the attitude will fade to bring out the truth.

Your attitude will either infect or affect others around you but that is because the emotions you are experiencing will radiate out. Why not make the choice of focusing on positive emotions and a great attitude. I am not saying "fake it till you make it". It takes work but you are worth the effort and you will love your life for it because you cared enough to do it.

I heard someone say once "Get rid of the crud, because it keeps you from getting where you want to go". He is right, by releasing the swamp water, crud or whatever you want to call it that affects your attitude and with a great attitude and positive emotions in the center of you, you will not only feel better but it will be passed on for others to experience. Like the stone tossed into the water creating a continuous ripple affect.

Here is to your positive emotions and great attitude!

As a freelance writer Tammie has published short stories, written news article, historical and community research/writer and this past year learned what it is to be a ghost writer for a travel writer working on a big web-based project here in British Columbia. She is currently working on getting her first novel published this year and also learning more about ebooks.