Saturday, May 22, 2010

teaching good communication skills

These days, the education system is also laying focus on teaching good communication skills to mold the formative years of a child into a well organized and approachable professional. High school teachers face lot of challenges in teaching these skills as children mostly learn what they hear every day in their homes and schools.

Here we have gathered some good ways that can help teachers for effectively imparting the knowledge and understanding of communication skills.

Group Learning

Divide students into two groups and conduct a debate or a puzzle for them. Ask both the groups to interact with their team members and prepare a debate. All the students on one group will freely communicate with each other to win the debate.

Game Shows

Here you can make use of the traditional weapon, divide and rule. Divide students into three groups. Ask Team A to prepare few questions on telephone communication skills or verbal communication skills and then tell them ask the question to Team B and Team C. whichever team answers the maximum questions is the winner. Similarly, ask Team B to prepare few questions of interpersonal communication skills and tell them to ask the prepared questions to Team A and Team C. finally, tell Team C to prepare and ask questions on self development. This will complete major aspects of communication. At the end, whichever team earns maximum points will be the final winner. reference: personality development games

Listening in Motion

Ask one student to explain any concept related to communication skills learned in the previous class. Observe both the speaker and the listener. Give every student a chance to speak what he learnt. This way they will learn to speak in a group and will gain confidence. Don’t forget to give appreciation or suggestions for improvement when necessary.