Saturday, May 15, 2010

Get the Life You Want by Making Better Decisions and Better Choices

By Claude Camilleri

Life is all about the choices we make. Sometimes we make good choices and sometimes we make "not so good ones". When at school, we were given a choice of subjects we wanted to major in. This big decision paved the way to a specific direction in our lives.

It is true we can change our direction at any given point. The truth however, is that each choice presented to us makes us who we are, this means your every choice counts. Everyday we have decisions and choices to make. We choose what we wear, the food we eat, the way we behave.

As we grow older, we base our choices on our own experiences and on the information our minds have accumulated through time, thus creating filters. These filters give us character traits. In fact, when presented with choices, most of the time, we do not really think about the outcome, we just do.

Why is this? In my opinion, it is because we know ourselves best, we know what we want and we know what we like.

But, what if we really took a moment and thought through each of the choices presented to us? What if we took an extra minute to really think wisely about the outcome? Do you think our life could change for the best?

In my opinion, the Answer is Yes. Life can be amazing if we make better choices and better decisions.

Next time you need to make a decision and are faced with choices, take some time out to ask yourself one question.

Is this the best decision I can make? Example - You find yourself in a shop and their is an item you really like and want. You know deep inside that although you really want this item, it would not make much sense buying it, as your finances are very low. Then the little voice inside your head plays tricks on you and you end up buying the product.

What happened! Did you really have your say?

A good suggestion would be to take two steps back, STOP and THINK about the choices that lay in front of you. Remember to ask yourself " Is this the best decision I can make? "or ask yourself, "What would someone like Richard Branson do in this situation? What would his final decision be and why?"

Do you get the picture. The secret of making a good decision is to take the time required to reason with the effects your choice will have on your future.