Friday, May 14, 2010

Tips for a Successful Customer Care or Tele Calling Executive

We are now in the financial crisis and it is more difficult to make new customers and retain the existing consumers. So we have to often contact or inform our customers about our products and service. Tele calling is an effective and economic method for contacting and informing our new and existing customers about our products and service .But it has to be done carefully. A tele caller can make a effective and efficient call by following the underlying tips.

1. Know the purpose of your call: Before calling have a clear idea and objective of calling a person or any organization, You should certainly know the purpose of your call.

2. Being persistent in your work: The more you are persistent in your work you must likely to get success in your work and we can gain the information that we want.

3. Ask for the permission to speak: After introducing your self and your company ask for the permission whether he would like to spare some time talking to you. Do not continue talking without the permission to speak. It will irritate the customer.

4. Listen to the back ground: Distractions and disturbances occur at the background ask, politely whether you would like to speak at that moment or not. This shows the respect you have for the person and in work. It will be highly appreciated by the client or customer.

5. Set up telephone appointment: If the person sounds busy set up an appointment when would be the right time to call but make it sure you fix up the appointment.

6. Prepare the list of Questions for which you need answers: To stay on track and gather maximum information from the customer, prepare the list of questions for which you need answers.

7. Use the option or choice methodology: Give them choices or options then they will automatically come down with their convenient time like which is better whether Monday or Tuesday? And is the option 10 am or 11 am?

8. Follow Q/A, F/Q technique: Q – Asking Questions A – Wait for answer. F – Feed back should be given as well as taken from the customers. Q – Clarify Question finally to make everything to be clearly understandable

9. Speaking too fast: Our mind is not too fast to concentrate and handle two things at once. If you are speed in your talking, other person will not understand what you are talking about. Talking too much without getting listener involved is totally waste and if he or she is not getting involved it is no use to proceed further.

10. Asking for the decision with in first few seconds: Don't expect the customer to take decision after few seconds you started speaking the customer may take decision after a long time you started speaking. It takes sometime to analyzes and understand what you are talking about and take decision.

11. Sounding dumb: Don't hold the time for a long time with out talking. It is nothing but if you are thinking over on phone, which is a mark of negative impression.

12. Lack of confidence : It can be noticed over telephone. Telephone operators or sales people should always have confidence to succeed in whatever they are doing.

13. Talking about your self and your products : People do not care about the product but only the results. If you talk too much about your self, your product and your company it is no use for them. So concentrate on the benefit what they get if they own our product.

14. Closing the Call: After our sales call or service call is nearing completion say thank you and greet the person with some blessings like "have a nice day" or "had nice talking with you" or "All the best". It will help us to keep a relationship or for making a second call in the near future.