Friday, May 7, 2010

Three Time Wasting Habits That Steal Your Life

By Kristin Hutchings

The most precious thing we have in life is time. Time constantly escapes us and therefore it is in our best interests to use it wisely. Unlike money, time cannot be saved up so it is vital that we use our time in the best way to enhance our lives and the lives of those around us. This means stopping wasting time on negative habits. We are all guilty of this on occasions. However, if we were to give up the time wasting habits that literally steal our lives from us, we would have the hours and weeks and years to do far more important things such as pursue a career, write a book, travel the world or spend time with family and friends. So what are the three biggest time wasting activities and what can we do to put an end to them?

One - Comparing yourself to other people

This zaps so much time and energy. By concentration on what other people have, do or don't do you are likely to be wasting your time comparing yourself unfavourably with people you know. Time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere. If you are focusing a lot of others' wealth it is likely that you are neglecting your own. You should instead be concentrating on furthering your career or looking for a better paid job. Stop comparing yourself with other people and be your own competition. If you continue to live your life relative to what others have, you will never be fulfilled. There is always likely to be someone who has a bigger house, car, boat etc. These are just material possessions and it is not worth your time or effort striving to keep up with other people.

Two - Not forgiving yourself or other people

Holding a grudge is another waste of time and an activity that poisons you from the inside out. Many people are guilty of harbouring grudges that have been ongoing for years. This is a crazy state of affairs. Holding a grudge takes a lot of energy - and all of that energy is negative. It can leave you feeling bitter and angry and it can seriously affect your health. Dwelling on the bad things that happened years ago, keeps you stuck in the past and unable to live life in the present. For this reason, forgiveness is essential. Forgiveness does not mean that you forget or condone the actions that hurt you or the actions you carried out that hurt others, but what it does do is release you from the negativity of what occurred. It helps you create a better life. Forgiveness is a positive action and once that bitterness is gone you are free to focus on more beneficial activities. None of us are perfect - we all make mistakes, so learn to forgive yourself and others and then move on.

Three - Criticising

Criticising others constantly is a very unattractive trait as well as a huge waste of time. The same goes for criticising yourself. It simply makes you feel bad and once again, unable to use your time constructively. It is also a waste of time to try to defend yourself against certain types of criticism. Perhaps someone has verbally attacked you on the internet in a forum or chat room. You will soon realise that trying to defend yourself takes a lot of time and effort and is, on the whole, pretty futile. Criticism is pointless and negative and usually carried out by people who lack self-worth. Criticism is also bad for the health because of the negative energy it creates. So, tell yourself that criticism is a waste of your valuable time, take a step back and go and focus on something better instead. Think about how you can go about making your life better rather than indulging in anything that has a negative impact on it.