Monday, April 19, 2010

To Become Rich You First Need to Think You Are Rich

By Jack Bosch

If someone wants to be rich and be loaded with money you need to psyche yourself before you start doing the actual things you need to do to be rich. First you need to have a dream and that dream is to be rich in the shortest possible time. Whatever your dreams are you have to stick and believe that you can make your dream a reality. To do this you need to work on yourself first before you start working yourself to be rich.

The first thing to do is be a positive thinker. With all the negativity that surrounds us it is easy to give in and sulk yourself into poverty. If you are with friends or with a group that has nothing to say but negative things then it is time for you to dump them. Since you hang out with these kinds of people, their negativity can infect you and soon you will find yourself be just like them.

You have to look at all things in positive perspective. Like if there is a property that you want to buy for investment purposes but someone was faster to make an offer and gets it, don't get discouraged right away. Instead look at it positively, and do more research and be faster the next time opportunities knock. If you get discourage easily then your dream of being rich will never be realized. The next thing that you need to practice in yourself is perseverance. If a door is closed in front of you, try the back door. If the backdoor is still close then you can try the windows. Who knows the windows are open and the homeowner will notice you and opens the front door for you.

Persistence is the name of the game. If you focus yourself to close the deal you will need to look at all the avenues to have the deal close. If at first you don't succeed you need to try and try and try again to be successful. If you think you are equipped with these basic traits then it is time for you to get out and bring home the bacon.