Thursday, April 15, 2010

What is the Secret to the Secret?

By Alistair Kelsall

What is the Secret to Manifesting?

Everyone who writes about manifesting and the law of attraction or the secret seems to miss one major point. "Belief" or "Faith" you must have this one component because if you don't the only thing you will get back is confirmation of your doubt.

So if you want to start learning how to manifest you must have 100% faith that the system you are using to manifest something will work. There must be no doubt at all that what you are doing will work. None what so ever.Even if you start off with blind faith, it doesn't matter you must just know that what you are doing works and that is that.

OK so some of you might have an issue with this but it is simply down to what you can perceive. One of my goals is to manifest a bottle of coke from thin air and make it appear in front of me. I sit down and focus on seeing the bottle of coke right in front of me and there it is. Magic? No, belief that is is there? Yes! I might not be able to see it with my physical eyes but I can see it in my minds eye. So to me it is there and I have created this bottle of coke from thin air.

This is the Secret, absolute faith that it is there.

If I keep doing this, I know that one day I will put my hand around the bottle of coke I see in my mind and feel a real bottle of coke. No Joke! I know this will happen.

If you can fathom this and can see my point then please read the book "Illusions" by Richard Back. It is absolutely brilliant in the way it explains this concept and is the key to getting you started on the path.