Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How Your Mind Controls Your Focus, Your Choices and Your Experience!

By Christopher Mcaulay

This morning something happened in my experience and a light bulb went on - it was a reminder of how powerful thoughts can be in directing our behaviour. Really this is not the most interesting story - I was simply sitting at my computer and had intended to open up Internet explorer as one would ordinarily do if intending to go online.

In the split second between my initial intention of intending to open explorer and then choosing that - my mind started thinking of another software program - I thought to myself;

I must remember to set up that affiliate account with the neuro programmer software I have - this is a brainwave entrainment program I use.

As soon as I mentioned the words neuro programmer my mind affected what my hand would choose; it automatically selected that option rather opening up explorer. Sitting bemused I had opened up the neuro programmer and thought; hey I wanted to go online!

This all happened extremely quickly in a fraction of a second.

Why I am telling you this?

It could be seen to be rather insignificant however it is the implications of such that could possibly make it something to be aware of. If you have an intention to do something and you have some other thought process that gets in the way then you may end up getting something you didn't feel or think you wanted. That is your thinking process can lead you to choose things you didn't initially set out to achieve. It can lead you astray!

A simple example may be that you want to buy a book but end coming back with two pairs of jeans a new camera and a drum set! For humour purposes I have over exaggerated but you get the picture (no camera pun intended) Therefore it is important to be aware of how this may function in your day to day experience that is, if it is applicable to you.

If you intend to to achieve anything in life then it may be your thought patterns that are preventing you from realising your goals! This is something many of us may need to work on; that is if we want to!

There is a popular saying in the field of personal growth, which is - "You get what you focus on"

This is true and what's even more true is that if you don't or can't maintain a consistent focus on moving towards what you want then the chances are you won't get it. You'll get something else but it will always be consistent with your focus!

One of the best ways to consistently maintain focus is to value what you are doing, and train your brain with effective tools such as AVS (see blog link below) and practice mindfulness so that your awareness expands and you can see exactly how your feelings thoughts and control your focus and subsequent actions. With awareness comes insight understanding and the ability to choose what you want!