Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Law of Attraction - Is it Mind Power?

By David C Marshall

So what is the law of attraction is the understanding the beliefs attract experience, that you get what you believe in so is this the power of the mind: the ultimate from on mind power? Well it would be easy to say yes it is but in truth it does us more good to explore what the mind is first in order to gain a better understanding of how this relates to the law of attraction.

So is 'mind' beliefs? No the 'mind' is not beliefs at all. 'Mind' can be thought of as identity first, an identity that has beliefs but is more than beliefs. Identity is more than beliefs because a 'belief' is something that you hold to be true but who is the 'you'?

The 'you' is the identity and the beliefs are something completely different: you are not your beliefs.

A good analogy may be a painter who uses paints to create a picture. The paints and brushes are not the painter but tools used to create a picture. Imagine now that you use beliefs in the same way that a painter uses paints, are you your beliefs? No you are more than your beliefs.

So why is this useful to fully appreciate in regard to the law of attraction? Because if you think you are your beliefs and that beliefs are your 'mind' you will struggle to change them. To fully appreciate that your identity is your mind and that you are not your beliefs allows to gain a sense of the natural separation between yourself and your beliefs. Imagine if a painter believed that he was his paints!

So you are not your beliefs but you are your mind and you can choose the beliefs you want to have, in doing so you get to use the law of attraction more effectively, more fluidly and more quickly with better results. So does the law of attraction go with mind power? For the best results then the answer must be no, the law of attraction goes much better with 'belief power'.
The key learning then is that you are not your beliefs: beliefs are the 'tools' that you use to form your reality.

The next question is if you are not beliefs then who are you? That is a question for another day.