Friday, April 2, 2010

3 Tips to Be Confident In Yourself and Let Others Have Confidence in You

By Jason Osborn

Know What You Can and Cannot Do

Confidence does not only mean the ability of other people to rely on you. You may not know, but the truth is that the first person you can rely on is yourself. Relying in yourself means you must know what you are capable of achieving and what you are capable of not achieving. Every person is peculiar in his or her way of doing things. Do you know that you are full of talents that it will be impossible for you to discover every of these talents?

Therefore, both alone or with the help of others, find out what you have as talents and be honest to yourself in what you can do. Do not profess what you cannot do. Always keep yourself away from things that will require efforts more than your competence. Simply say no to what in your opinion is above your competence. If you doubt, do not do it. Simply reserve your energy for something that may be useful in the future. It is sometimes better to lie idle than to get busy with things beyond your competence.

Live an Upright Life

Living an honest life means you must be aware of what are your priorities. Develop sound and lasting principles in life and live according to these principles. Carve out what is valuable to your live and fashion your lifestyle in order to accommodate these values. Do whatever it takes to live this upright life even if it means displeasing the desires of others.

There Should Be a Time for Everything

Work when it is time to work and play when it is time to play. But when you work, work with happiness and invest all your efforts in working for others. Do you think others will sacrifice for you if you do not do the same to others?

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