Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to Become a Millionaire

All of us have dreamt of becoming a millionaire at one point, if not every single day, of our lives. We just want to know what it’s like to not worry of any financial situation as your bank account holds more money that you’ll ever be able to use up in your lifetime.

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend the weekend at a distant tropical paradise, shop all day long and man your own multi-national company? In fact, there is absolutely nothing wrong about dreaming to become a millionaire. And it’s not even about greed – it’s just about enjoying life comfortably, without much of the constraints brought about by lack of money.

No Exact Prerequisites

You might be wondering: Am I cut to be a millionaire? There’s an easy way to find out. Just go ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have millionaire relatives?
  • Did you do well in school?
  • Haven’t you experienced financial problems before?
  • Don’t you have an office job?

If you answered “no” to each of the questions, it’s okay. Actually, none of them really matter. According to studies, majority of millionaires did not inherit their riches, were “C” students, have had financial crises before, and do not work for someone else. So if you’re dreaming of becoming a millionaire one day, well, maybe you are on the right path after all. But don’t just dream about it, act to get it!

No Stoke of Luck Needed

Perhaps nothing else would hurt the feelings of a millionaire than being told he or she just got lucky. While it’s true that some people became instant rich because of winning the grand prize of the lottery or a TV game show, the “real” millionaires, on the other hand, worked so hard to get to where they are.

Such millionaires didn’t just wake up one day to see and enjoy a hefty amount of cash in their bank accounts. It took them time and energy, and even some failures, along the way to fortune. Being a millionaire is not about having good luck; it’s about making good choices on your way there.

No Undisclosed Secrets

Of course every millionaire might have put in a little trade secret of their own, but the truth is, there are really no known secrets to becoming one yourself. Even millionaires themselves are very much enthusiastic about sharing their life experiences, in their attempt to help out others also reap financial success.

If you’ve been consistently following tips on how to become a millionaire and still not getting there, it may only be because of two things: you’re not patient enough, or you’re picking up the wrong tips all this time. So if your become-a-millionaire strategies right now involve getting into large-scale businesses you’re not too keen about or trying to be too much like a popular millionaire without adequate research, then you may be treading the wrong path since the start.