Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Live the Life You Have Always Dreamed Of

Sick and tired of the job, feeling dissatisfied and trapped? Is there anything that can be done or must we just grin and bear it. Is this the way real life is?

Surely there must be some inspired steps we can take to correct the situation so that we can live the life we always dreamed of. If only we knew what.

There are steps that we can take to be successful in self improvement but it is not easy. We must come out of our comfort zone, conquer our fear of change and take calculated risks. We need to stay focused and persist through the difficulties we encounter.

Success will not be achieved easily. It will take determination, passion and time. there is a real need to learn from our experiences. This article could form the basis of our life journey to success and self improvement.

It will take hard work and sacrifice to achieve our ambitions. We must never believe the world is against us whenever we meet difficulties. Remember 'If you hate the world, the world will hate you back.'

What must we do to get to the point where we can live the life of which we dream? Here are some suggestions that can serve as a guide in our quest for self improvement.

1. We must start our journey with courage and passion. Knowing our destination we should travel towards our dream positively with persistence and enthusiasm.

Remember this journey is a long one, so we should travel at a steady pace, being patient but remaining truly enthusiastic. We should not rush and forget how to enjoy life. We must always welcome and thankful for the beautiful things that we meet along the way.

2. We should always remain positive and enthusiastic. Appreciating our situation. Valuing our boss, co-workers, family, friends, and even the strangers we meet.

This will not be easy, but not impossible if approached with determination. But we should never forget our dreams. We can love, but must hold on to reality.

3. Dream and then take positive action to achieve those dreams but we must always maintain the correct balance. Taking one step at a time and not being over ambitious.

We will receive much "self improvement advice", some good some bad, along our way. But there will be a shortage of real advice from people who are happy to help.

We must remember that we are not alone. There are always others in far more difficult situations.

4. We should finish our journey with a fanfare of accomplishment and a well developed desire to help others succeed in their lives. We have finally achieved what we have always desired. We must not mock those who belittled us on our journey. We should forgive and forget.

5. We should always be unassuming. We should not be critical of others, once we are successful, helping them to remain positive and assisting them along their own journey to success. We will find that when we give, we will receive back equal or greater rewards.