Saturday, February 27, 2010

Five Reasons for Not Reaching Your Financial Freedom

When we are young, we dream big and did not think about if it was possible or not. For example, adolescents are the biggest risk takers. As we get older and learn about how life really are through our parents and experience, we begin to start fear and worry about things. Our perception gets narrow and we oppose any change. People who reach their dreams are flexible and willing to do whatever to get to their goal. They don't follow the crowd. They have a mind that teach them to stay strong and follow through with their goals. Why is there only the few percent of people are actually rich and stay rich? Why aren't the rest of the population getting wealthy? Here are five reasons why people are not getting where they want to be.

1. Fear: Fear of losing and failing, therefore people don't even start new anything. Losers avoid failing. Failures turn losers into winners.

2. Cynicism: People who are cynic worry about everything. Emotions has taken over their ability to judge well. People complain about what they don't want, but never pursue in what they want.

3. Laziness: When our brain says "I can't do it,"or "I can't afford it," it shuts our brain down. For example, everyone says they are too tired or busy to do exercise. It will be easier to not do it and just watch tv. If we see something hard, do we stop and just continue what we are doing or do we challenge it.

4. No pressure: For most people, we go to work and pay our bills at the first of the month, and then we are left with no extra money. However, this routine creates no pressure because our bills are pay off. When someone is broke and have ambition, the person will find different ways to get themselves out of the situation. Majority of successful people have at least fail once. Failing is a step closer to success.

5. Arrogance: Not everyone know everything. The acceptance to learn is an step toward open our mind. The more knowledge we have the more we can succeed. Some people believe what they learn in school is enough and won't learn anything new. Like the old saying, "we can't teach an old dog new trick." Educating ourselves is lifelong journey.