Thursday, February 11, 2010

Need Ka Nirmaan Phir Phir

Power of Appreciation - Don't Take Things For Granted in Your Life

Many people want to have things in their life. If you crave to bring certain things into your life, you have desires but first, you must appreciate what you currently have. For instance, don't focus on the negative aspects of your life because that is all you will get. However, if you focus on appreciation aspects of life, then you get more things to appreciate.

Now the question becomes, "How can I appreciate something I don't have?" You can do this by appreciating those things you already have in your life. That means you need to enjoy everything about your life right now. While you may desire certain things, look at them as something to expect down the road. For example: you're in the process of vacation planning but it hasn't happened. However, you're excited by the prospect of getting away and seeing new things and enjoying new experiences. You're not sad because you're not on vacation just yet because you know the time is coming that you will be.

What Is The Power Of Appreciation

This is the power of appreciation: you appreciate the things you have now and are thrilled by the anticipation of acquiring what you truly desire and as time goes on, more things will appear in your life.

Desires In Life Are Endless

You don't have a goal to finish your vacation; rather your goal is to enjoy your vacation. This is true of your desires since desires never go away. Desires are endless because once you've fulfilled one, more are thought up. Desires are what keep you going. Imagine if you've lived the remainder of your life with the knowledge that you have no more desires? It would mean there would be no rationale to your life. Desires is something you will never lack because it's always going to be the promise of more things to come. Just think about anything you want and you'll end up getting it.

Since there is no lack of desires (only ones that have yet to be filled), you can enjoy life, relax and appreciate everything that's in your life presently. Do you want to be happier in your life? Do you "desire" to fulfill your desires? Here's an exercise you should try:

Each day, take several moments randomly through the day to stop and appreciate the things that are in your life that you would most certainly miss if they were gone. For instance, you may like the home you live in, the power that gives you electricity, your bed and soft it is, a loved one's laugh, smells of dinner, the computer you work or read on, etc.; these are the little things you take for granted everyday but would notice if they were suddenly gone. Again, this is the power of appreciation.

That doesn't mean you have to settle for what you presently have. What you need to remember is to take pleasure in what you have while trying to get your desires fulfilled. The point is to appreciate life and everything in it so that you can experience all you desire.