Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - Not IQ - EQ PAYS More

Each and every Human being has been gifted with the ability to experience and feel emotions. The problem however, is that many, if not most humans don't understand that emotions are also a thought, and thoughts attract and, if they are negative, REPEL energy.

Energy is either positive or negative. There is no in-between. For example, ever recognize when a person is depressed or going through depression that there energy level is low to NONE?!!

When a person is happy and takes everything as joy and happiness in life, they are always bright, happy and "FULL OF ENERGY!"

The Difference between a happy and a not-happy person is their ability to control emotions.

Happy people have the immediate ability to recognize and properly SHIFT a negative emotion into a positive, or understand that the emotion needs to be dealt with, but at the time, it serves them not.

Generally this ability, along with many other characteristics, is defined by Emotional Intelligence.

The Great news is that emotional intelligence is a very developmental type of knowledge.

The most simple way to begin to recognize your emotional thoughts, positive or negative, is to actually TAKE YOURSELF OUTSIDE YOURSELF and literally.....ASK YOURSELF why are you feeling this way, and does it SERVE You POSITIVELY (makes you feel good) or NEGATIVELY (makes you feel NOT good)?

And, does this emotional thought need to be dealt with NOW, or can it be revisited at a later time?

By following these tips you will begin to understand and differentiate between your positive and negative emotions.

Because positive emotions, are better, you will naturally "dwell" on those more often, and begin to quickly and effectively solve the negative emotions as you will realize they serve you no good.

IMPORTANT: You must not let your negative emotions sit for too long. They will eventually re-surface and create an issue again, sometimes even worse. SO It is of utter importance that ANY negative emotion be questioned and put to peace.

Having a high EQ has been directly associated to successful and abundant people. Where the normal standard, IQ, has been thought to directly correlate to success and wealth.

Emotions can be controlled. Most people just don't realize it. Positive and Happy people don't just have a "Natural Disposition," nor were they "gifted." They have either taught themselves emotional intelligence or were trained by there parents or a mentor.