Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mind Development - Mental Exercises

We know for a fact that a 30 to 45 minute physical exercise is good for the heart and our body. But after these physical exercises, it is best that we should exercise our brains too to keep our memory sharp and to have a healthy mental or mind development.

Mental development is one of the most important aspects of our life which needs to be considered. Our brain controls most of our activities.

Try to imagine a healthy and balanced life. Physical activities when you wake up early in the morning and upon your vacant time, exercising your mental faculties.

Here are some simple mental gymnastics to improve our mind or mental development.

  • Reading. Reading is the easiest and most educational way for a healthy mind development. Read topics which interest you.

  • Crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzles makes our brain work, hence a good mental exercise.

  • Number games like Sudoku. By looking and solving these number games, you will exercise your brain better.

  • Learning new things. By learning new things, your brain stimulates better because you are visualizing and learning something new.

  • Being happy. Being happy is the most important aspect of mind development.

Now that you know these simple mental exercises to improve and develop your mental faculties and at the same time a simple step towards mind development, try to have this routine once in while. It is of course best to do this in your vacant time.

Make it, as far as practicable, a habit. By doing this, you do not only enjoy, but at the same time, improve your mental development.