Friday, January 29, 2010

Law of Attraction Tips - Manifest Everything You Desire

By Jonathan Gonzalez

Discover these law of attraction tips and how I use them. Basically, we are magnets to whatever we put out to the universe. If you are feeling down and depressed, you will bring these circumstances into your life. Here I will disclose some tips on how to use this law effectively to get what you want.

One of the most important rules for the law of attraction is Gratitude. The more grateful we are, the closer we are to the riches of the universe. Giving thanks on a daily basis for the good things that have come to us will bring more positive things into our life. This shifts our mental attitude to being grateful. When giving thanks, make sure you are doing this in harmony not out of necessity. Before I wake I give thanks to everything that I'm thankful in my life. Once is time to rest I practice this law and also give thanks to the many more blessings that are coming into my life.

We must Visualize what we want. It all starts in our mind. Whatever we visualize and back it up with faith, it must come to its physical form. The law of attraction is all energy. When I think of the law of visualization, I think of Henry Ford. He had a vision of a horseless carriage. Now, with little education and only this vision, he was able to create what is now known as an 'automobile'. This is the power of visualization backed by faith when used properly.

The next law is Thought. We are we think. As a man thinks, so is he. This is what I like to call the cause and effect. If you are consciously thinking about money, you have created money conscious. This is also true for poverty. If you occupy your mind with the misery of being poor, this will most likely manifest. It's real important that you only entertain thoughts of abundance and prosperity.

Remember that to be in touch with the riches of the universe, one must show gratitude for all good that has come. A grateful heart is always in touch with the riches of the universe. Visualize and keep in mind what you desire most in life. Thoughts are the cause and effect. Only entertain thoughts that are positive as destructive thoughts could come to life.

Want more health, wealth, and love in your life? You have unlimited supply of this in you, you just need to tap in and awaken you inner self.