Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reduce Clutter and Prosper

Living a prosperous life is just one of the potential benefits you can expect to see when you take steps to reduce clutter in your home. It sounds phoney, but there is growing evidence to suggest that clutter attracts negative energy which could be keeping you from living the best possible life.

You have no doubt heard many people talking about the 'law of attraction'. This ancient and universal law has received a boost in attention in recent years with the success of books and videos like The Secret and also from the work of authors like Jerry and Esther Hicks.

The law of attraction stipulates that like attracts like. In our physical universe, everything is vibrating as some frequency or other and we too send out subtle, invisible vibrations to the universe. What we get make is always a match for the message we send out.

Feng Shui experts have known this for centuries and this ancient Japanese art deals with facilitating the flow of positive life energy (known as Qi) through your home. Negative energy clings to clutter and many experts believe that this is the reason that fortuitous events befall those who clear out the clutter and make room for change in their lives.

Clearing clutter can help to unblock emotions surrounding your thoughts and indeed your vibration concerning your home. As we link our homes to our sense of security and survival, it's no wonder that clearing such blockages can result in an improved financial outlook for many people. Let's face it, even if it means you're paperwork is organized enough that you pay bills on time or work better to secure more clients then you're bound to see some improvement.

Qi, the vital life energy of the universe is working whether you are aware of its power or not. By clearing your clutter you'll not only be helping to reorganize your home but also refresh your life and renew your spirit as you allow the Qi energy to flow unimpeded though your home.

Just imagine this for example. You find yourself in your new, clutter-free bedroom, sat by the window looking over a room where the bed is neat and tidy with your favourite scatter cushions arranged just how you like them, the floor space is clear with plenty of walkways, your books, clothes and other belongings are neatly placed in their own little homes and your surfaces are clear and clean. Perhaps you have some of your most treasured items on display, the area beneath your window is clear from clutter and you're room is not overcrowded with furniture. You've got some calming music playing and as you're sipping your drink of choice.

How does that feel? A little like you have some positive energy running through you? Good. Because that's what you can expect when you clear your clutter and start to prosper as a result. Even the thought of a clear space can invite more prosperity into your experience, as the law of attraction gives you what you think about the most.