Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to be Tension Free

Yoga is now the Best way to reduce the tension of mind. The Best time for doing Yoga is in Morning because in the Morning you can get fresh air and it is boost your Blood Circulation in your body resulting with full of Energy for entire Day.

Music too is the good way to reduce your Tension. What you can do is make a collection of Good Musics that you like most to listen any time.Then try to listen that music and try to sing that song in a louder sound.This will increase the confidence in you, resulting with Full of energy and you will forget all the tension of the Day.

Those who are habit of doing Exercise have the less chance to get affected by Tension because they get full of energies by doing the Exercise.So ,they never get tensed .So, If you want to reduce the tension then Please Do exercise Regularly.

4.Breathing Exercises
Breathing Exercise is another way to be relaxed. Try to Breath slowly and release it slowly by closing your Eyes. By doing this ,your mind will be in relaxed position and you will forget all your past things that Cause the tension. Continuous use of this method can bring Joy and happiness in your Life.

Meditation is another way to reduce your tension.What is actually meditation is that in this we try to think about something positive.

6.Be Happy
I have seen many peoples that are worrying about tension.They always search for best way to avoid tension.In my view,the Best way is "to be happy always".If you are happy 24 hours a Day then there is no way to enter the tension in your mind.This is the Best and its cost nothing for being Happy Throughout the Day.

In Case you are getting into tension,you can do this rule means Visualize the Best moment of your life . By this When you visualize that moment of your Life ,you had actually Enjoyed that Day at their Full Momentum,your mind will automatically get relaxed. You can also Visualize that day when you had laugh with your friends at full stretch.

8.Talk to Yourself

Another Best way to reduce tension. What you can do is if you are in Tension then Sit at a open place,close your Eyes ,think about that moment when you get tensed.Then think about the reason for getting Tensed.If you are a True Person then Compare that situation to yourself and try to analyze that Whether it is Good to be in tension .Now ask Yourself that why I am in Tension? While omparing yourself to that moment if you have done some mistake that cause the tension ,learn from your mistake the avoid it in Future.

9.Tell to your Friend
Tell and discuss with your best friend ,the reason for getting tension. Discuss with your friend because he can suggest you something better in your style that you grasp more quickly.

10.Always Smile
What i do is I smile 24 hours in a day while sleeping also(as my room-mate told to me ).Smiling is a way that you will always think about the positive sense.If any activity is going around you then you will search for the moment that make you smile.If you are smiling then you will also leave a positive impact to the others who are standing with you at any place. They will also smile after seeing you and if you come to know that he/she is smiling because of you are smiling,then you will be more happy at that moment.