Thursday, September 30, 2010

How To Store Information In Your Memory Easily

By Travis Yost

As you know, the older we get, the worse our memory seems to become. You may feel that you start forgetting things constantly. Just read this article as it contains some tips to get a more powerful memory.

First, to have eager enthusiasm and interest with something you want to memorize. After all, it is much easier to memorize the name of your favourite band than the ones that you do not care, right?

You may also do it a bit further. For instance, link an interesting picture to what you intend to maintain in mind. This is a great technique that has been used by many people.

For example, assume that you want to memorize some tasks that need to be accomplished tomorrow, like phoning a client, buying a ticket and going to a dentist. All you need to do is to imagine a picture of, let us say, a funny figure who is talking to his doctor with a cellphone in his hand and a ticket in his pocket.

You can also create a simple song depicting all the things you have to remember. If you do this correctly you certainly will not forget all of them.

In case you are dealing with something that you really hate, try to focus on the outcomes you will get from it. Doing this, you will be tempted to focus on what you need to keep in your memory.

Do not forget also to get the best chance of remembering something. If possible, make sure your surroundings are as quiet and distraction-free as possible.

If you practice these techniques often enough, your ability to memorize things will get improved fast. The more you exercise your memory, the more enduring it will become. Just like most other things in this world, "practice makes perfect".

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happiness! - Where Is Happiness To Be Found?

By Maria Parkinson

Happiness is something all of us seek and yet, many of us never find. We seem to think that one day "we will be happy when we get a new car or a big house or get married............." and the list goes on and on. Or, the other side of the coin is that we feel we should be happy every minute of the day and when we are not then something is very wrong!

The thing is, if we are continually searching for happiness in the outside world, we will be very disappointed. It may feel as if we are forever chasing it around the next corner with our butterfly net and it is always just one step away.

Happiness is a fleeting state of mind, just like the state of sadness or joy or anger. It is unrealistic and it would not be appropriate for us to be in a happy state 24 hours a day. If you think that sounds ridiculous, think about being at a funeral when everyone is mourning. Would it feel right to go about with a huge grin on your face?

Not only that but how boring would life be if we were all constantly happy? Contrast in our lives helps us grow and understand the value of all experiences. We need to be able to respond in all manner of ways according to what we are dealing with at any given time. All emotions and states are part of the rich tapestry of life.

Happiness can be found in reaching out and being in relationship with all things and people. It is about appreciating the little moments in life because these become our happy memories.

Happiness is a dance with whatever is in front of you. It is a deep connection to everything around you. It does not come from expecting others to bring you joy but rather stems from how you can create joy for others.

If you want to experience happiness more often, see what you can do to put a smile on someone else's face each day and notice how much happier you feel when you have achieved that.

Happiness is not to be found in material possessions. It is freely available to everyone at any time. All that is required to experience it is that you place your focus on moments in your life that make you smile.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why You Need To Start Setting Goals Today

By Adrian Hargray

It's important that you set goals because they can be the stepping stone to what you want to accomplish in life. Usually those that set goals have more success than those that don't, so if you want to be in the "in crowd", you will want to start setting goals today. The bottom line is that goal setting plays a pivotal role in seeing your dreams come to light. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do - you too can see your dreams come true, all it takes is a little patience and it will work well for you.

If you currently have a career, you should envision yourself doing better than what you're doing now. Even if you're now in a top position, you should envision doing better so that you can be successful in all areas of your life. One way to do help to see your dreams come true is by setting goals. If you ask any successful person how they became successful, they will tell you that it happened by them setting goals.

Goals are important because they give you direction in life. Without goals, you don't have a roadmap to follow and you're randomly going about things without a clearly defined path. Having a direction in life is important because you don't want to live somebody else's dream - you want to live your own. If you want to see your passions come to fruition, you will want to set goals.

Goals also help to motivate you. If you write out your goals on a sheet of paper and analyze them each day, you will see that you become more motivated as time passes because of the progress that you've achieved. Charting your progress is important because it's good to know how far you come and where you're going also.

You also need to set goals to save time. When you randomly go about things, you waste time because you're not going about them in an organized fashion. If you had things lined up step by step, you would find that you're efforts become much easier due to the way that you went about achieving your goals.

Setting goals also help to reduce stress. When you're busy and have a lot of things to do, by having things laid out in a clear and concise manner, you achieve more and can get through your day faster simply because you went about things in an organized fashion. Imagine going through your busy day without a plan. You would be so disorganized that you would hardly get anything done.

Having a clear set of goals also helps to bring on a sense of accomplishment. When you accomplish your goals in life, it helps to improve your confidence level - and confidence is key. One way to bring on this sense of accomplishment is to set easy goals that you really want now in your life. One example of this may be to take a brisk job for 10 minutes around your home. Or it can even be as simple as making up your bed when you wake up in the morning. Both of these things can help to improve your confidence and improve the level of success that you attain in life.

If you want to have success, then you must set goals. Goal setting is not important only in the long term, but in the short term also.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Preplanning Telemarketing Calls

By Ivana Lewis

Call center companies are not spoilt for resources. They have a limited supply of raw materials at their disposal. That is why they need to make optimal use of what they have on their hands. In the telemarketing department, a lot of expenditures can be saved by careful planning. All the managers at the BPO need to do it outline a plan for their lead generation campaign. A plan makes the whole process easier than it seems. Agents know their jobs and they know their contribution toward the bigger picture. They are also aware of what is expected of them and how they are going to achieve it. Breaking down the target into smaller deadlines works well for a department that is always running against the clock, so to speak.

The primary objective of the plan is to determine the purpose of the campaign. That is the big question that needs to be answered before anything else. Call center services carry out telemarketing calls for various purposes. It could be for leads, which is the most basic purpose, or it could also be for market survey, or for brand positioning. Check with your clients what they want to achieve and what kind of goals are they looking at. Your goals would determine the kind of telemarketing services that you are going to do. In case you are just providing the leads, all the outbound call center guys have to do is ask questions. In case of leads, they have to approach these calls as telesales calling.

When you have determined the purpose of the call, it's time to draft the questions accordingly. The thumb rule to keep in mind here is to be relevant. Pick up only the information that will serve a higher purpose. Asking for his email id is correct while asking for his car registration number is not! Remember that the person you are talking to is doing you a favor by talking to you. You have to respect his/her time. Keep the questions short and close ended. Questions that can be answered in a definite yes-no have better effect on a customer. Asking speculative questions leave the ground open for interpretations that confuse the customers. That would also mean that you are wasting call time on matters that will not aid you or the campaign in any way.

Outbound call center agents calling prospective customers always have to be ready about receiving no for an answer. That can be very damaging for the spirit of the agent. That is why it is important to have a second, less imposing motive on every call made. It could be an assurance that they will be willing to receive brand literature or business correspondence or such similar positive note. When the caller agrees to this, you have some victory to count on and that remarkably pulls up the spirits. It also ensures that the call was not a total waste when it comes to making a contribution to the telemarketing campaign.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Time Management Oxymoron

By Vladan Nikolic

Time management is an oxymoron in this modern era. Because of its non-renewable nature, time cannot be managed; it is always free to use and therefore available to all of us 24/7. Many people think and act as if they have all the time ahead of them. The truth is fundamentally different as what we do with our allocated time will decide how good we were at managing our life priorities, commitments, and what we accomplished in our lives. Reason behind why some people do more than others lie in their appreciation and use of time and the mastery they have in this area.

The effective time management procedures allow you to rank and carry out your most important things, commitments & projects. Without this, you might waste your time doing something that is not productive and even worst, something that should not be done at all. For business owners and professionals, being able to manage priorities means that you can take control of your business and your personal life. If you do not do this, it will be difficult, if not impossible to achieve your goals and have a brighter future. The sad truth is that we all have our lives filled with many responsibilities, commitments, goals and projects to juggle along. Managing efficiently your time will allow you to stay on track, get the most out of your business and personal life, become highly productive, and maintain a higher standard of living.

One sign that you may need to implement time management techniques is if you feel like you have an overwhelming list of things to do, if you feel like you are being dragged into too many directions or feel stressed out by your excessive workload. If you feel that you have not been able to complete important goals, managing and prioritizing your tasks through time management will help. For organizations, a good way to manage productivity is to have staff members implement rigorous time management practices. Providing them with the right tools, technology, training, advice and mentoring in this area can benefit the entire organization and make a difference in today's competitive market.

The best way to start is by performing a complete snapshot of your work procedures, and then establishing where you actually spend most of the time. Keep the detailed time log diary and record task, hours and dates for each of it. Then perform an honest analysis. What did you notice?

Then create your list of priorities and action plans.

First of all, make a list of your priorities and tasks. Put the most important tasks at the top of the list. The aim here is to put your highest yielding tasks at the top of your list. For business owners and entrepreneurs, this usually means the tasks that will help you generate more revenue or lead to business growth. Once you have identified these priorities, make sure that you allocate adequate time to get them done. You may want to delegate less important tasks to your staff or consider outsourcing. If you see unimportant or useless tasks that are no use being listed, you may want to consider cutting them all together.

One thing you should not do is over schedule yourself. You never know when an emergency can happen or a quick change in plans or strategy comes up. Always leave ample time for these types of events so that you are not overwhelmed with work.

You may need some time management tools like a calendar or software to help you organize your tasks and to-do lists. Some people even prefer writing things down on a notepad; other people prefer programs or online tools, of which there are many.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Analyzing the Risk Assessment Guide

By Sam Miller

When you run a business, you need to have an overview of the potential businesses that you might encounter. Sometimes there are risks that you would have to take and these would only work for you if you weigh out the pros and cons. You can understand this by checking out the risk assessment guide. Now these are the options that are available for you and you can check whether the process of sacrificing one factor in order to get another is worth it. You can set this side by side with the risk management guide and compare. This is precisely how you can determine whether you are doing the right steps to be involved in the actual process.

Because you are an employer, you must assess the safety risks and also manage the health factors. You might own a small business or a big business. Either way, you are prone to ill health and accidents and these can ruin the lives of your employees just as you can damage your business in the long run. You are not really expected to eliminate all the risks because that is such an impossible feat. However you are required to protect your employees and provide them with the most reasonable scenario as much as possible.

The manual handling risk assessment can also serve as a checklist that can provide you with the tools that can protect your workers and your business. You can just focus on the risks and then analyze exactly what about these risks make it quite a potential problem in the long run. That is why you need to have an action plan that can give you the step by step process in how to deal with the problems just in case the need for it arises.

If you look at the risk assessment guide, you will notice that most of these are easily managed and readily controlled. The process is just a straightforward measure that can easily be completed and assessed depending on the results that are into the practice of what they want it to be. They can also check out the number of improvements as long as they can review the assessment that it can just serve as how they want it to be.

The manual handling risk assessment can also be the results of the practicing efforts that the people look into, especially when there are a number of improvements that should be done. It is only normal to go through some trial run once in a while to make it possible for them to deal with the problem and see what they can do about it. When this is done in an ongoing basis then they can make sure that these are the remains that are quite updated and on to something that they can easily check when needed.

The whole risk assessment guide may just be included in the completion of the assessment that they are after. When these are quite important results that should be practiced, they can always look into the needed essentials and then regard this as quite important for the assessment of the actual condition that they are in. When this is done, then they can always see this into something that is quite effective in terms of data.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Conference Facilities To Make A Successful Conference

By Michael Nielsen

Although people frequently meet with others but when they meet formally at a broader level to confer about a particular topic, it is called a conference. There are many types of conferences like: business conference, sports conferences, athletic conferences, academic conferences, news conferences, parent-teacher conferences and settlement conferences etc.

The ways of organizing as well as the requirements of facilities differ in all these types of meetings. All conferences are organized at particular venues. A venue is a place that holds the conferences and provides all the necessary facilities to the attendees that leads towards the successful execution of the conference.

As the conference facilities are linked with specific types of meetings, so the most important thing is to decide about the goals and the purpose of the meeting in order to avail the facilities accordingly. The requirements of conference facilities are dependent on the nature of the conference and vary from simple to complex. There is no doubt that the seminar facilities can make or break the image of a meeting; so it is very important to make sure the availability of the required facilities in the meeting venues.

To make a seminar successful it is very necessary that the venue has a fully equipped auditorium. The best auditorium is the one that has the required number of seats, audio visual equipments and the facility of air-conditioning. The auditorium must have the equipments to cater to the needs of disabled people like wheel chairs and hearing systems.

There are some types of meetings in which display and exhibition facilities are required. Some meetings also require seminar rooms that must have projectors, white boards and different set ups of the rooms. Some conferences require air-conditioned mini-theatre rooms that should be equipped with audio and AV systems.

In order to organize meetings during conferences, meeting rooms provide the appropriate space for organizing meetings in an appropriate environment. The ideal meeting rooms have plasma screens or hanging screens that assist the attendees in different ways.

For a successful conference, it is very important to have broadband internet access and computers for all those who need it. The availability of medical facilities is also vital for the participants. Some companies can provide different services according to the needs and demands of people so it is better to negotiate with the service providers to get the advantage of the advanced facilities.

There are some conference facilities that can only be provided by the event planners. Event planners are experts at organizing conferences so they can contribute a lot to make the conference successful. With their experience of many years to hold conferences, they can handle all sorts of situations in a better way. Car parking is also a requirement of the participants of the conference, thus the availability of this facility makes sure that the attendees do not face any problem while parking their cars. The catering facilities are also required in a venue.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Five Steps to Answering Any Objection

By Richard Brody

In nearly every situation, when people get into a discussion, there are bound to be certain questions or objections. How one handles the situation, and responds to objections, often determines whether one accomplishes his desired results. It is important to understand that all objections fall into two categories, either (1) technical; or (2) emotional. If the initial presentation has been properly presented, the vast majority of objections are emotional. The main technical objection is usually financial, while it takes a finer "ear" to properly understand what each emotional objection might be.

The same five steps are used in all situations. The finesse comes with being comfortable with the concept, listening, and believing in these steps. All major sales and marketing organization teaches this to some degree. The five steps are:

(1) Restate the objection--- This is essential so that you are answering the true objection, and not opening up a Pandora's Box by addressing something that is not the objector's concern. An easy way to do this is to say something like, "So you're concerned about... " (Understand the concern may be about a guarantee, reliability, time commitment, ability, etc., but it is essential that you ask, and get a response and acknowledgment from the objector). Also remember the very important "ZTL" rule - - - "zip the lip." Do not speak until the other person answers your question, and if you are not sure of the meaning of the answer, ask again until you are! The ZTL rule says that the first person to answer "loses."

(2) Empathize (Don't sympathize). This can be simply done by saying something similar to, "I can perfectly understand how you feel, in fact I felt the same way, until i realized and understood a few things..."

(3) Answer the objection-- Calmly, conversationally, fully answer the objection...

(4) Restate the proposal - - - "So in light of this information, and in light of the fact that you've told me that you... "

(5) Re-close - - - "Doesn't it make sense to...?" Then ZTL! I repeat, under no circumstances speak. You must let the other person, agree, say maybe, or give another objection. If they now give another objection, repeat the 5 steps! Keep doing this!

Then, if you believe you have done this long enough--- and after a minimum of 3 times using the 5 steps, there is one more "fall-back" position - - - Say, "May I make a suggestion?" Then, again, zip the lip. Wait-- force yourself --- it almost never occurs that someone will say NO to making a suggestion while they may say "No," eventually to the suggestion, however. It is very important that you get the other person into that "nodding--yessing" mode, because this can be a great lead in (or "trial close") to eventually overcoming the objection, and acquiring a commitment.

I want to stress that this works. I have used it hundreds and hundreds of times in numerous industries, organizations, charities, and personal situations. I have taught thousands how to effectively use these techniques. It initially takes some coaching, and then some practice, but once someone has perfected this technique, their "closing ratio" improves incredibly!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So Where Are All the Elite Sales Performers?

By Sue V Barrett

I received yet another call today from a sales manager asking me where he could find a really good sales perfomer for his business. He complained that most of the sales people in his industry had been around the block too many times and no new skills, ideas or talent where being brought into his industry. Same old people, same old things, same old results.

Trouble is he is not alone and the Elite Performers you want are most likely working in other industries or markets and are not even thinking about working for you.

Relying on 'experience' as a major determining factor in your sales selection process can severely limit your potential to develop a competitive edge in your industry and find elite sales performers.

I recall another client saying they didn't want to hire people from their industry because they just weren't competitive in the current market. They wanted to refresh the gene pool and bring in fit sales people who were not tarnished by the industry and its way of doing things. They knew that in this overcommiditised marketplace that their sales people where their competitive edge. They were on the right track trouble is they didn't know how to start.

So here are some tips on finding elite sales performers

Review your sales strategy and ask "what qualities (skills, knowledge, competencies, attitudes) do we need now to translate our sales strategy into sales action and results"?

Define the Threshold competencies (i.e. sales and communication skills, self motivation, social skills, etc.) and more importantly define the Differentiating Competencies (those qualities that separate high achievers from everyone else) that you want and need.

Look in industries and other professions where the qualities you want already exist
Targets those industries that have the talent pool you want (mixture of headhunting, networking, reading other industry journals, asking clients, suppliers about their experiences with good sales people from other industries, etc.)

If advertising write ads that attract and describe the style of person you want; DON'T describe the role

Use a structured sales recruitment process that uses a multi assessment competency based approach (The average percent increase in output from improved selection is approximately 2.5 times greater in sales jobs than in low-complexity non-sales jobs.)

Build a proper sales induction training process

Make sure you have a sales management support system

Defining and finding Elite Sales Performers for your business should be happening on a regular basis and be a part of any sales manager's role even if you don' have a vacancy. You are always recruiting sales people.

That client who wanted to refresh the gene pool did look outside and found elite sales performers. Result: the elites sales performers achieved a sales closing ratio of 4:3 within 2 months. Their learn to earn curve was great and there was a definite ROI.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet Your Goals - Ten Strategies to Ensure Success

By Kathy Whymark

We all have dreams that we would love to see become a reality. Whether they concern our work or our personal life one thing is certain they will remain dreams unless we take appropriate actions to move towards to our desired outcomes. So the key to success is to have a set of well crafted goals which detail what you want and how you will know when you have got them. The ten key strategies to ensure success are:

1. Know clearly what you want to achieve and put your goals in writing. You will have a much better success rate if they have been committed to paper and are not languishing in a dusty corner of your brain.

2. Have compelling and inspiring goals that you can feel passionate about. This will give you an important uplift in spirits and will motivate you to achieve greatness.

3. Goals should be stated in the positive. Consider someone whose goal is to lose weight. If it is stated in the negative; 'I will lose weight by Christmas' this is steeped in depressing overtures of weight gains in the past. Instead it should be stated as an outcome that can be looked forward to in the future. A more compelling goal will be to feel fitter, lighter and healthier by Christmas.

4. If you think about what is stopping you from achieving your goal now it may be that the outcome is too big and that you feel overwhelmed. If your goal is to get a new job you may need to identify the obstacles and problems to doing this and chop the goal down into smaller, more manageable chunks with outcomes of their own.

The reverse is also true. A goal that is too small and insignificant may not give you the incentive needed to take appropriate actions. Be bolder, look for challenge but remain realistic.

5. Think of outcomes and visualise success. Act as if the goal has already been achieved. Use all your senses here. Visualise how you will feel, what it would look like and even how success will taste! The saying 'think like a rock star, become a rock star' is so very true. Whether you believe you can, or you believe you cannot, you are probably right. I knew someone who failed her driving test before she even left the examiners office. She could never see herself as a driver and she very effectively 'hard wired' failure into her behaviour. Unfortunately it took a further two tests to get the important piece of paper saying she was proficient to drive alone.

6. Be alert to the responses you are getting from the people around you. Is their feedback telling you are on track to achieving your goals or not? This follows onto the next strategy:

7. If you decide you are not getting what you want you may need to change what you are doing. Flexibility of behaviour is the key to having more choice. The more choices you have practice the more chance you have of getting what you want. Someone who applied for 55 jobs used the same CV and covering letter for each of them and then wondered why the 56 application was unsuccessful.

8. Know how to manage your state. This may involve changing the pictures you are making inside your head. A state is either limiting or empowering. You can choose. Going back to the novice driver she chose to take a limiting pathway by concentrating on what she could not do. Instead she should have focused on the fact that she was already a good, safe driver who could confidently navigate traffic in a busy corner of south east of England.

9. By understanding your strengths you know where your true power lies and this will help you keep focused. Conversely by understanding the areas where you are not so strong will indicate where you could seek help if necessary. Someone whose goal is to increase traffic to their website may need the specialist skills of a copy writer or web designer.

And finally

10. Goals must be SMART.

Specific. A specific goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal.

Measurable. Establish concrete criteria for measuring progress toward the attainment of each goal you set. Measuring progress ensures you stay on track, reach your target dates, and experience the joy of achievement. This spurs you on to continued effort required to reach your goal.

Attainable. When you identify goals that are important to you, you begin to work out ways you can make them come true. You develop the mindset, abilities, skills, and financial capacity to reach them. Importantly, you begin to see previously overlooked opportunities that we help you move closer to the achievement of your goals.

Realistic. Your goal must represent an outcome that you are both willing and able to achieve. To be compelling and inspiring every goal should represent substantial progress and you truly believe that it can be accomplished.

Timely. A goal should be grounded within a time frame. With no time frame tied to it there is no sense of urgency and a much greater chance of failure.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Common Pitfalls of Cold Calling

By Lawrence Tam

Have you ever wondered how some businesses are able to grow so quickly? Some secrets can really help you to grow your business and increase phone sales while still avoiding having to make the annoying calls yourself. In addition, you will not have to hire someone to do this but rather employee the services of MyPhoneRoom.

MyPhoneRoom is a great opportunity for any business whether small or large. There are many ways that this company will help you. One of these is that they will make all of the phone calls for you. Another is that they will take care of finding prospects and leads and you will not have to make the phone calls or try to figure out who should be called.

A common rookie mistake is to be the cashier, janitor, manager, parking attendant, and sales manager. Once you realize your in a business to make money versus speaking with under qualified prospects then you understand that being efficient is key. Learn to leverage call centers to screen cold calls and warm them up to qualified prospects.

My Phone Room is a way to be able to take your business and have a call center to generate the business for you. Since you will have someone to do all of the phone calls for you there is the ability to avoid ever having to pick up the phone for yourself. In addition, the business will be done while you can feel well rested, easy and relaxed without ever having to worry about anything. Other areas of the business will finally get the time that they deserve.

Having someone else to make the calls for you is a huge advantage for a number of reasons and My Phone Room is popular because of it. In addition to making, the calls there are special trainings and lots of information given to the people who make them and do the sales of them. In addition, with the all of the trainings and special tools there is a chance that it will be done well. Therefore, you can always find someone to make the calls for you rather than you having to do them for yourself.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Best Way to Find Your First Customers

By Adam Snyder

The best way to find customers isn't spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing, it is simply spreading the word of your new business to friends and family and have them be your first customers. The great thing about doing this is that you can prove yourself and that way your friends and family have more to say if people ask them if you have something good or not other than just going off a whim.

The reason using your friends and family has your first customers works so well is that they will actually show up and give you an honest opinion because they want to help you the best they can. The only thing I warn you about is not to give free services and don't give a really big discount because that is what most family and friends expect, but you do this then they really aren't customers, because they didn't actually spend anything or very little.

Another great way to find your first customers if you have a service business such as cleaning or yard service businesses are to offer half price services to the first so many customers because once you get peoples phone numbers or addresses you can market to them as much as you want to. Just think if you offer a half price service for a few weeks then you will get a lot more calls and prospects just because you are cheaper. Some things to remember are to not make this a regular thing because people will often times wait until they see your half price service instead of using your service full time, which can make you lose a lot of money. Just know that finding customers and clients is not as hard as most people make it seem, people like free things so give stuff away and you will soon be making money quickly.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Search For a Service That Meets Your Precise Business Needs

By Corwin Smith

Well, you would utilize the services of a courier company if you intend to transport things like parcels, business documents and letters from one place to another. In general, couriers are associated with the delivery of goods whenever the need arises. A reliable and efficient company offers delivery services within the country as well as to overseas locations. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for a service provider that meets your specific requirements since the services provided by companies differ considerably from each other.

Let us examine a specific situation. You intend to send many important business documents that need immediate attention. If you want to ensure that the documents reach their destinations at specified time, you should look for couriers that assure timely services. Therefore, you are assured that all the important documents reach their destinations safely.

Generally, people opt for economical courier services. This is because people tend to give more importance to discounts and economical rates. Though the prices are important, it is important to consider that certain factors matter beyond rates. As a customer, it is always advisable to opt for services that promise value for money.

The most important thing that needs to be considered while selecting a courier company is the location. Consider the services of a company that focuses on providing services in your region and delivers goods to the destinations you specify. Therefore, opt for a company that is located nearest to your workplace or residence. This also saves time for the pick-up as well as delivery of parcels.

Since you are utilizing the services of a specific company, it is important to know that you get what is needed. Therefore, to strike a profitable deal, ensure that the company is aware of your specific requirements. You might need to utilize scheduled services wherein the pick up as well as delivery of parcels are a routine. At times, there may be a need for on-demand services. This implies that you need to call the company as and when the need arises. Consequently, online booking is the best method since it saves your time.

After choosing a specific courier service, you are required to define your terms. If you need priority services, then you should make sure that the company understands the importance of delivering parcels.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Business Teamwork for Creativity

By Tony Jacowski

Business teamwork requires a mixture of people who have different skills to work together. If everyone has the exact same skill on a team, the team won't go too far because they will all come up with the same ideas to fix something. The best team has a mixture of every personality and creative side to think of various ways to come up with solutions to fix things.

An imagination is very important in business teamwork. Some people are logical about everything and have absolutely no imagination. It might surprise you that some of the most successful people are those that have the biggest imagination. Always add a person with a big imagination to a team so they can give their input.

An inventive person works well with a person with an imagination. When considering business teamwork, make sure you put an inventive person with an imaginative counterpart. This is because if it can be imagined, it can be created by the inventive person. Someone always had an idea before the things around you that you use everyday without thinking about them were created.

Business teamwork also requires a problem solver. Problem-solving is a creative skill that is very important. A problem solver can help a team when they are in a bind. A problem solver can come up with resources when a business is out of funding to buy more. He or she can find ways to use the current resources within a company. They can think of ways to handle and deal with problems in a creative way. A problem solver is a good asset for business teamwork.

A brainstorming person is another part of business teamwork that is sometimes disregarded. Some people think brainstorming is silly because people come up with ridiculous ideas while sitting around wasting valuable time. A good brainstormer is not only creative but they can think of ideas quickly and keep the team one step ahead of the game by inspiring others.

A person with the ability to make connections is another creative piece of business teamwork that allows the team to bring ideas together. Some people in the team may have completely different ideas. A person with the ability to make connections can take those ideas and help bring them into one product. The iPhone was created with two ideas; a cell phone and a computer. Bringing ideas together is a big asset to business teamwork.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to Fill Knowledge Gaps In Your Presentation Skills

By Milly R Sonneman

Have you ever wondered how executives and busy professionals find time to learn new skills? The answer is simple. They take control of their time and their professional education.

In today's workplace, many professionals struggle with hectic schedules and a non-stop stream of urgent issues. Yet, to keep up in this kind of fast-paced environment, learning is vital.

Many of the leaders and business owners I work with tell me that they need to constantly learn new skills. Continuous learning is the hallmark of successful leaders.

So it should come as no surprise that competitive executives, who are serious about winning results, take charge of their own professional development.

When it comes to presentation skills, there are many areas that a business professional must learn - and continuously keep fresh. If he or she is serious about giving presentations that get business results.

While you may have taken a presentation course or two in the past, there are new areas, new technology and new trends changing the landscape.

Just to point out a few of the most popular areas right now:

How to tell a compelling story

How to use persuasive visuals

How to inspire action

How to be authentic in delivery

How to answer questions under fire

Most leaders and business owners also add to this short list by focusing skill development to be effective in new media. This includes:

Social media storytelling

Video presentationsfor clients and prospects

Lead generation webinars

Informational and educational seminars

Video tutorials

Many seasoned executives have mastered how to be confident and comfortable in front of a live audience. Yet they feel unprepared to be equally effective on camera and only facing a camera or computer screen.

If you are curious about how you can fill your knowledge gaps about presenting, the answer is simple. Take a three-step objective approach.

First, identify the areas you want to improve. This will vary based on your education, training, roles and responsibilities.

Second, get specific online training. Online classes are flexible and an ideal solution to fit into your hectic schedule.

Third, get virtual one-on-one presentation coaching. Personalized feedback is essential so you can leverage your unique strengths and talents.

This 3-step response puts you in charge of your own executive education and allows you to build new skills within the time constraints of your hectic schedule.

Many of my clients find that executive coaching is the crown jewel. Direct and candid feedback is the fastest way to take skills development to the next level.

To make this even easier, my clients like to use video feedback and send in recordings of their presentation. We review the performances in confidential sessions, going step-by-step to fill in knowledge gaps.

If you are serious about growing your professional expertise rapidly, use this 3-step system to make rapid improvement.

Assess your skills, get online training and use virtual coaching to fill knowledge gaps in presentation skills. With a small investment in your education, you can expect to see a dramatic improvement in your presentation skills.

Monday, September 13, 2010

7 Pillars of Marketing a Local Business Online

By Jim Edwards

When I first started writing for The Virginia Gazette in 1998, the Web was a giant mystery. Almost 13 years later, it's still a mystery for most! With the emergence of Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Google, Linkedin, and a host of other sites, getting started with online marketing seems more daunting than ever. Yet, as consumers flock to the Web daily to research local products and services, visibility for your business via the Internet literally spells success or failure. Bottom line: online marketing is NOT optional anymore and you need every one of these 7 pillars to succeed, especially in a local market.

Pillar #1: A Website You Control

You must operate with your own website which enables you to make basic changes to it yourself, preferably right through your web browser. Waiting for a "webmaster" to update text and pictures does not qualify as a smart use of your time or money. WordPress, an open-source (free) publishing platform, makes an excellent choice for managing and organizing virtually any size website.

Pillar #2: Google Maps

Google now stands alone as the "900 lb. Gorilla" of the online search world. However, most don't realize that "Google Maps" is the most basic component of local online marketing with Google. Get all the details at This tool is one of the fastest ways to get found in Google and, best of all, it's free!

Pillar #3: Basic SEO
SEO stands for "search engine optimization" - which means making your website relevant when someone searches for your business name or terms related to what you sell. Building all the content, information, and text on your site around a central theme is the #1 thing you can do to increase your chances of ranking well in Google and other search engines.

Pillar #4: Make Value-Added Offers

Most people don't make offers on their websites. Their web pages look like everyone else's and say basically the same things. You must make offers on your site that spur people to action. Offer a discount or faster service. Give an incentive to come in today. Most importantly: make your offers big, bold and obvious on your site while giving people a reason to do business with you right now!

Pillar #5: Drive Traffic

You won't make a dime with your website if the right people don't see it. The fastest way to drive traffic is to buy it, specifically with the Google AdWords pay-per-click program. Pay-per-click means you only pay when someone clicks your "sponsored" ad on the search engine listings, and Google's AdWords is the largest pay-per-click advertising network. However, make sure you set up a "geo-targeted" campaign when starting out so only people in your local area see your ads (instead of wasting time and money showing your ads to people who could never patronize your local business).

Pillar #6: Local List Building

Building up a local following you communicate with using online tools rates one of the smartest and most cost-effective things every local business can do. Whether through email, text, Twitter or Facebook (or some new tool), communicating with a targeted group and providing value-added information and offers can bring huge rewards. One coupon with the right offer to the right audience can turn a ho-hum Thursday into a blockbuster sales day.

Pillar #7: Consistent Follow-Up

The biggest online marketing mistake I see people make is NOT following up with prospects and customers. Use email and other communication tools to keep in contact with your prospects and customers and give them reasons to do business with you (by making offers) while providing useful information they want. As a wise man once said, "The fortune is always made in the repeat business."

Friday, September 10, 2010

Counterattack! - By Brian Tracy

By Brian Tracy

When you-know-what hits the fan and the survival of your business is endangered, you must begin thinking like a military commander in battle. Often the situation is so serious that you have to step forward and make hard decisions, and make them immediately. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Military Strategy

Top military leaders have been studied going back to 600 B.C. Over the centuries, several principles of military strategy that lead to the victory of defeat have been identified. They are now taught to student officers in every military school in the world. By applying these principles of military strategy to your life and your business, you can often turn the situation around and achieve extraordinary results.

Be Clear in Your Objective

The first principle of military strategy is the Principle of the Objective. It requires that you be perfectly clear about the goal (or goals) that you want and need to get through a crunch point. In business, the practice of this principle is usually focused on goals related to sales, revenues, and cash flow. You need plans, schedules, and the right people doing the right jobs to achieve your most important objectives. Everyone should be absolutely clear about what they are expected to do, and they must be committed to success, to victory, no matter how serious the crisis.

Take Bold Action

The second strategic principle is the Principle of the Offensive. It requires that you take action—that you move forward boldly to confront your difficulties and solve your problems. As Napoleon said, “No great battles are ever won on the defensive.” Since your natural tendency when you hit crunch time is to withdraw, cut back, and play it safe, you must resist this urge and instead dare to go forward, to seize control of the situation, and to attack your difficulties with firmness and decisiveness.

Crunch Point Mantra

Whenever one of my companies has experienced a cash crunch, my mantra is, “When in doubt, sell your way out.” You cannot cost-cut your way out of a financial crisis. You have to generate revenues, and the only way to do that is by selling something to someone. Always think in terms of generating revenues from sales. Become very aggressive and focused in this area. Every single company that has rebounded from a crisis, including companies like IBM in 1991, turned itself around by focusing single-mindedly on generating sales revenues. You should do the same.

Action Exercise

Discipline yourself to focus single-mindedly on this number-one target, resisting temptations to clear up small things at first.

Advertising Magic

By Jack Lavis

Ever wondered how one creates image of one's business. How people relate a product to a specific company? Many times people ask for products by the company's name. For an example, if they want a blender they won't ask for 'blender', they'd just name the company. There might be thousands of other companies in the same manufacturing line but only a few are able to leave an impression on the customer's psyche. It's not always that the product of that company is an exceptionally good quality product; it's just that the company has managed well to create its brand name; rather it means the company has successfully reached the mass through the right advertising medium the right way.

When planning to start advertising your product, try to answer this question- What image do I want to be associated with my product? And this can be answered when you know which age group you are targeting.

For an example - you deal into aerated drinks, you can relate your product with freshness, energy, passion etc. So while advertising you would keep these things in your mind. Campaigns, banner postures- everything would reflect these ideas. The same applies to any product. It's important to know what image you want to render to your product.

Reflecting bubbly, chic, or sensual postures are commonplace. Going a bit on a different track can attract people. Your ideas and the related visuals should draw attention. Banner stands welcoming you to shops or roll-up posters are certainly good idea. Indeed customized banners are like value additions to your business and they draw instant notice.

In some events, may be exhibitions, canopies reading out name and other relevant information can be really beneficial. It has been observed that people are drawn to unusual things or perhaps, things differently shown. They associate your product to the way you advertise it. Going retro is also a good thought; anything that catches instant attention and it becomes irresistible for the customer to enter that point of sale/purchase. Giving a different look, it may mean using out of the box advertising gimmicks, can yield the desired output.

Just canopies is not the only promotional material, one should promote the product by other material as well such as outdoor banner stands. However to impart it a special appearance, one can go for banner stands available in atypical shapes like flag ones. Even bamboo display boards look really classy and perfectly go with canopies. Then the interiors also must be taken care of. It should follow the overall theme. Style, elegance can't be compromised and nonetheless, the point of purchase/sale should be spic and span. Product display also matters a lot. How you package, how you talk can make the difference. Apart from this, you can decide an elegant uniform for the sales people at your stall. The inviting style, posters, setting, and welcoming tone all together can write your success story.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5 Important Window Cleaning Business Tips

By Andrew Moyers

There are many variations on these window cleaning tips that when applied well, can help you squeeze even more time and money out of every already busy day you have running your window cleaning business. Here are a few tips I have always tried to apply myself.

1 Make sure to always carry a pen

Or for some of you, your smart phone/palm pilot (so you can write information down while your customer is talking). Whatever the case, you don't want to forget an address or a quote you just gave on a customers windows. That actually happened to my Riverside window cleaning business once and it didn't turn out well, lesson learned. I now carry a notepad and pen with me everywhere I go.

2 Write down the time your customer called
This isn't some kind of life-changing secret. But when you consider how much time people waste playing phone tag, trying to connect, or constantly talking to voice mails these days. It'll save you time and frustration when you know when to call. Some people make there phone calls in the morning, and others prefer the end of the work day. If you try to make it a point of recognizing your customers patterns you'll always know the best time to reach your clients, and close a deal.

3 Never back down on your estimate

If someone complains about your high price then simply have a reason to back your prices up. Your offering them quality service that saves them the time and hassle of cleaning windows themselves. You definitely don't want to seem like a car salesman who is dead set on selling you a car at 15,000 and no lower, but when you start to walk away he all of a sudden starts to cut the price. You want your potential customers to trust you, not see you as some window cleaner trying to swindle everyone out of there hard earned money.

4 Do your best to write thank you cards

It might be a hassle to some window cleaning business owners, but writing your customer a thank you card is a very inexpensive way to stand out from your competition and engrave your window cleaning business name into their memory. Not to mention the amount of referrals and leads you'll get from an impressed customer. Try it out, you wont be disappointed.

5 Make a point to highlight your good qualities in front of your customer

Weather you use "Green window cleaning technology" or wear shoe covers in there home remember that your customer likes to hear what your window cleaning business is doing for them. I personally like to explain to my customers how my Riverside Window Cleaning company uses a water fed pole to clean windows, leaving them film-less, therefore cleaner and for a longer period of time. Whatever the case, make sure to point out your unique qualities. The more you have to offer, the more likely you'll get a call in the future from that same customer.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What Is High Reach Marketing?

By Carmen Roddelam

We all have heard the word Marketing frequently enough, and Marketing is nothing but to create and use an effective methodology to bring a product or a service to a targeted market, the target market is the one that it is interested in your product or service.

It true that we all want to reach to the maximum amount of people, with the maximum amount of products and services and then be able to achieve the life quality that we want. In other words we want our business marketing campaigns to have a High Reach and repercussion.

It sounds pretty simple isn't it? However, How many of us have taken a training or several curses, investing precious hours of study, money, we had apply this or that technique that we learned, with all the enthusiasm that we feel when we start a new project., and in some cases, probably is not your case, but in some, we don't get the results that we were sure this strategies will bring us. And then we think, I got ripped off, this internet business is just hype, or I am just not good at this... or, the market is saturated already...or this guy was lucky because he was the first one... So I better find a job, where I have a safe income and I just stop trying these fantasies in my mind that they are never going to happen. And we just give up, deposit all our dreams and goals in our disappointment box and forget about it.

What a marketing training will never show us is the most important and basic ingredient for your Marketing to be effective and High Reaching, this, my friend, nobody is going to teach you, not because trainers are unprofessional or misleading your success, but because this basic ingredient you in a Marketing training indispensable for your success it is not teachable, it is up to you to discover and develop it, and it is nowhere else that inside yourself.

You are the only one that has access to this valuable information, it is under your own reach and the best of all is that it is FREE! well, it might be almost, since sometimes to open your mind and heart to search what it is inside and believe that this map of your life is the basic principle of every successful person, it could be more costly and difficult than to open your wallet and pull the credit card to pay that wonderful training that is going to change your life magically.

And what is this thing that is inside of you, that important and basic for your success?

I am talking about your INNER POWER!

I am not talking about your physical strength, your social high level or your money power. I am talking about that Inner power that only comes from knowing exactly who you are, which is your mission, what do you want to do with your life and the determination and commitment of doing what it takes to achieve it.

This powerful essence inside of you is what it is going to take you wherever you want and regardless on the techniques that you use, the people, when they interact with you, they might not be able to explain why, but they want to follow you. Sometimes they don't even know your full name, your age, your profession, your hobbies, your marital status, but they interact with you and they notice the your conviction of knowing where you are going, who you really are and what is what you want.

Your body language, the tone of your voice, your sight, your conviction, everything is congruent. You are a magnet, people feel attracted to you, they want to be your friends, they want to hear what you have to say, and this will take your leadership level to a higher level and your circle of influence will be everyday higher and higher. This is what outstanding human beings in different areas and times in history have in common. Their Inner Power and a High Reach circle of Influence.

There are human beings, which you maybe never knew them or that have existed hundreds of years ago and that they keep influencing the society, beliefs and the way thousands of people think. These men or woman, developed something, that without it, any powerful Marketing technique would deliver great results to anybody, they discover and developed, their Inner Power.

And this is what I talked about when I mention the concept of High Reach Marketing, my value to you will be to help you developing that Inner Power that is not only going to improve your life quality, but it will make you impacting your surrounding, to cross borders and culture barriers, to position yourself not only like a leader or an expert in your niche, but as a mentor, as a guide, as an example to be followed, as an arrowhead. When you get able to own your Inner Power, your Reach won't have limits, but for this you will need more than your will to work hard, you will need to open your mind and to stop thinking that the change of your life is going to come from something outside yourself. The change my friend comes from inside to be able to manifest it outside.

Well If you have read me before, you will know that I like to talk straight, so I have to say that This is a basic ingredient for your success, without it, there is no strategy or technique that can be effective for a High Reach Marketing. It is like to try to run a car without gasoline, without Inner Power, this powerful vehicle, of the internet Marketing or that wonderful Primary business that have made thousands of people rich, is not going to take you far. If you don't have gasoline and of course a driver (you), that knows how to drive that vehicle and where is he going to, with conviction; well, that Ferrari, that Lamborghini that you have home, it will be parked, sometimes you will look through your window and admire it and say wow, this vehicle is powerful, and you will wash it and wax it, but you will experience it's real power just until you decide to look for it's key, right inside of you; until you decide to change your ego for your real essence; until you decide to change the interest of having a huge list, for a genuine interest in the people behind that email address; until you deeply discover why and for what reason you were born and you just can't forget about that important mission why you wake up every morning; until every person that you interact with, gets something positive from you and you do this for his own good and not for yours; until you decide to take action, to take that magical key, that it is the only one that could take that vehicle to his maximum power, and when you fill up the gasoline tank with all those reasons that you have to move ahead, your dreams and the changes that you want to make in your life.

Then, you get in this wonderful car, new, shinny, beautiful and say with determination: HERE I AM!. When you set up your mind and your focus in all this powerful reasons that are the ones that will keep you running, independently of the road conditions, when n the day is sunny, when it rains, when you go through a bottleneck and you think that you are stock and not moving, But nothing can stop you, you feel powerful, you know that you will make it, that you are in the right way, you are decided, this is your mission, nobody else can accomplish it, but you.

When this happens, when people see the way you are driving this vehicle: determined, because you know where you are going, that you are in the best vehicle, your tank is full, your map is defined, your destiny is clear. Then, and only then, the people that are looking for a change, but they are discouraged, or they want something more, but they feel lost, without course, without direction, without a clear objective, with no expectation that there is a better life style to their reach, with doubts on themselves of being capable to achieve what they deserve; when they see you passing by, when they hear the motor of your vehicle and the sparkle of your sight having a clear and precise focus, they will feel this power of attraction and they will say: I don't know what it is, but I like it, I don't know what he has, but I am interested, I don't understand anything about Marketing, but I believe him, I don't know about business, but I definitely want to live better; I don't know anything about computers, but I am willing to learn; I don't have money, but I will find it, I don't know how I am going to do it but....








And Do you know what will happen with the people that they are already successful, that they have their business well positioned and that they have the results that you are looking for?

They will look to you and they will identify you as an strong leader, with his own opinion and they will invite you to join them, they will invite you to bring your own value to their teams, and they will exposure you in their own websites like somebody that is making a difference and they will welcome you to that mentor group that now you admire and dream to be part of.

That, my friend, is what I call "HIGH REACH MARKETING"

Friday, September 3, 2010

Four Principles to Create a Successful Team

By Kevin Kragenbrink

If you want something done right, you need to do it yourself." "No one can do this the way I do it." "Employees and contractors are fine, but they just don't care as much as I do about doing things right."

Sound familiar? These Comments express one of the most important concerns for small business owners. How do you find, hire, motivate, and keep the right people to help your business grow and thrive? For many small business owners team building is a mystery. The result is frustration, and sometimes failure. There is no quick fix or "silver bullet." There are some central principles that any business owner can use to make team building easier.

First, a successful team is built on the foundation of systems that provide every member of the team a clear definition of success, a straightforward description of their roles and responsibilities, and a culture that provides a framework to define the interactions between team members and others who may influence success. Each of these pieces is critical to the success of the team. Assuming you have good systems, here are four simple principles you can employ to help you recruit, hire, and keep the right people to make your team successful.

Principle #1 - Culture comes first. To build a great team, start by creating a strong culture. Define a clear vision for the team and explain the mission in detail. Establish core values that guide the interactions of team members with each other, customers, vendors, with everyone that they encounter in their work.
Vision is central to the team building process. It is the essential root of leadership that ensures that every member of the team knows where you are going and what you are trying to achieve. Without it, the team and its members have no focus, no clear direction. Every member of the team may be a star, but without vision they will find it hard to achieve any meaningful success.

Principle #2 - Define Success. What will success look like when you achieve it? You need to know the answer to this for yourself, for your business, and for every team member. You need to be able to tell people how they will know for themselves that they are successful in their roles.

Every definition of success must answer at least two questions.
1. What are the expectations? The results or outcomes to be achieved are part of this, but there is more. Expectations also include things like effort, attitude, relationships, and communication, all of the things needed to make success happen.

2. What is the time frame? Success can be defined in terms of hours, days, weeks, months, years, or even a lifetime. Without the context of time you might find yourself overlooking significant successes along the path. At the same time, you run the risk of defining success in terms of "trying." Trying may be success in a short term context of learning or developing a skill, but it can't be the entire definition of success.

Principle #3 - Coach the team to produce results. Top performers don't just appear by accident or luck, they are a product of great systems and great coaches. If you want your team members to succeed at the highest levels, establish great coaching practices at every level.

By coach, I mean specifically to encourage, motivate, instruct, correct, inspire, and when needed even discipline team members. Coaching is not managing or supervising, although it may include both of those activities. Coaching is not counseling either. Coaching means leading your team and its members to achieve its highest performance. It means supporting the members when they are exhausted and pushing them when they lose focus or interest. It means providing training so team members can do their jobs well every day and to prepare them to adapt when circumstances change.

Principle #4 - No Lone Rangers. Trying to go it alone or do it all yourself is the core problem that started this conversation. Creating success through a team is the best way to grow your business beyond you. Building the team is one of the most difficult and important tasks you face as a business owner. Don't try to do this all by yourself. Connect up with a skilled, experienced business coach who can help you with each phase of the process from defining systems to coaching team members. Remember the CEO Rule, "Every top professional has a coach." Who is your coach?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Understanding the Effectiveness of Brand Utility Promotions

By Jitske Memoli

As competition continues to increase among corporations, is also the need for different businesses to find new ways to reach consumers. One of the ways in which many are focusing on reaching different individuals is through the use of brand utility. This is a way of combining advertising with the products or services that you are able to offer with your company. By incorporating this into your business, you can build a new level of personalization to those interested in your products or services.

Brand utility is beginning to incorporate into businesses because of the several corporations and high levels of competition that are in society. Marketing experts began to find that industrial corporations and large businesses were disconnected from the average consumer and often didn't look into needs of individuals, but instead at mass production of different items. Today, this has led to a gap between the requirements of consumers and the production of businesses. The idea of brand utility is to close this gap. While manufacturing processes can still continue there are promotions that are used to reach different consumers while personalizing product needs.

There are several ways that you can utilize brand utility to begin building your business identity. The main focus you will want to have is to provide a service or product that is free to the consumer and which helps with your promotions. For instance, offering free delivery on packages by a book company or service centers to make phone calls by a cell phone company can help with specific products. You can then add in your main brand identity to this while promoting services and products that are currently offered by your business. The main concept is to combine the products and services you offer with promotions and advertising.

The ability to use brand utility advertising is one that is providing several opportunities for service providers. The main advantage is that you are able to promote your services through extra products or services offered to consumers. By doing this, you are able to instantly grow in customer loyalty while building your brand identity. With the extra services you provide, you can place your logo or graphics on the main area. This works as a promotional material while offering a convenience to consumers in the community.

Looking at the different aspects of advertising is one that is continuing to advance by businesses. Brand utility is one of the concepts that are now being looked into by marketers and businesses to effectively enhance their business. The result is the ability to advertise and promote products while offering new services to customers that